Téma:High-accuracy motion control with PMSM motors
Vedoucí:Zdeněk Hurák
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Popis:Within this project a few existing control units for PMSM motors (including BLDC motors) suitable for high-accuracy positioning will be examined and compared experimentally. Preference will be given to mature and well-maintained open-source & open-hardware projects such as ODRIVE [1] and VESC [2] (but possibly some more could be found). The ultimate goal is to choose one platform on which our own development of high-accuracy motion control loops could be based.

This student (team) project is immediately motivated by our running industrial grant, in which we aim at designing a new motion control system for a microelectronics assembly machine. While the current control system is based on closed commercial controllers, through this project we would like to consider the open-source & open-hardware alternatives.
Pokyny:It is required that the finally selected unit should allow for control of several (at least two or three) motors (or it should be possible to combine the units). The power range for the motors will be specified. The unit(s) should be able to communicate via some standard industrial bus such as CAN. The unit should be able to accept measurements from the incremental encoders with decent resolution (will be specified). The internal (current/torque, velocity, position) feedback loops should be reprogrammable and the structure of the controllers should be flexible enough so that nontrivial feedback loops could be designed (such as field weakening). It should be possible to generate the code for the controller(s) from Simulink & Embedded Coder.

The functionality of the chosen unit should be demonstrated by means of a laboratory experiment with the provided (linear) motion platform.
Literatura:1. Oskar Weigl. ODRIVE - High Performance Motor Control. [ONLINE] 2. Benjamin Vedder. VESC – Open Source ESC. [ONLINE], 2016. 3. Duane Hanselman. Brushless Motors: Magnetic Design, Performance and Control. E-Man Press, 2012. 4. John Chiasson. Modeling and High-Performance Control of Electric Machines. Wiley, 2005.
Realizace:Laboratory demo(s).
Vypsáno dne:09.02.2018
Max. počet studentů:4
Přihlášení studenti:Adam Polák, Daniel Bukovský, Lukáš Černý, Michal Stračinský