Téma:KUKA mobile robot control and navigation in augmented reality
Vedoucí:Pavel Burget
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Popis:KUKA has produced a mobile robot KMR with a collaborative manipulator LBR iiwa. The LBR manipulator (robot) has force sensor at each axis and thus it is possible to realize a force-sensitive control.

The purpose of this project is to use the KMR in Testbed as an autonomous vehicle and the LBR robot as a steering wheel. The robot will move in real space (Testbed for Industry 4.0 at CIIRC) combined with augmented reality (Microsoft HoloLens). In such a way, the driver wearing the HoloLens is going to see the path the robot is supposed to take, and is going to drive the vehicle through such a virtual path. An external observer will see the virtual part on a screen.
The individual points of assignment can be changed based on the size of the team and its experience. In an ideal case, each of the points of assignment (see below) would be solved by one team member.
Pokyny:1. Learn how to control the KMR robot in KUKA Sunrise operating system. Utilize the sensors available at the robot, consider adding additional camera or using the image from HoloLens to extend the information from the built-in sensors.

2. Learn how to use the force-control mode of the LBR robot. Design the steering wheel, mount it on the robot and implement the control application for the robot controller.

3. Study the Unity framework and its utilization with the Microsoft HoloLens headset. Design the virtual environment and map it into the real space. Continuously synchronize the headset with the real space based on known marks and their location.

4. Design and implement the integration server that connect all the individual components (mobile vehicle, LBR robot, HoloLens), runs an above-lying control application and shows a visualization.

Realizace:Code for KMR, LBR, HoloLens and Server. Usage of Java (KMR, LBR) and Unity (HoloLens).
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