Téma:Monitoring operation of industrial robots in augmented reality
Vedoucí:Pavel Burget
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Popis:Design an application for Microsoft HoleLens augmented reality headset that is able to display operational data from industrial robots based on the recognition of a certain device / robot. The HoloLens headset provides the possibilities of localization in the space based on recognizing the environment. This capability should be enhanced with the recognition of the available robots and displaying their operational data. It must also be possible to include interactive features in HoloLens based on gestures to be able to select individual components of the robots, data to display, history to show etc.

The project will be done in Testbed for Industry 4.0 in CIIRC.
Pokyny:1. Learn the Unity framework and its utilization with HoloLens.
2. Design an improved localization mechanism based on a set of marks placed in the room.
3. Design a mechanism how to recognize the robots operating in the room.
4. Design the interactive features and recognition of the gestures.
5. Connect the HoloLens application with the real process data from the robots. Use the existing applications available in Testbed that allow exchanging data with the robots.
6. Utilize a cloud solution (Microsoft Azure) to access the data from the robots and connect the HoloLens application.
7. Create a demonstration in Testbed for Industry 4.0.
Realizace:HoloLens application, Azure application
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