Téma:CRC polynomial evaluation for the new CAN XL technology
Vedoucí:Jiří Novák
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Popis:Evaluation of CRC generating polynomials for the data lengths up to 512 respective 2048 bytes. The goal is to find the polynomial providing Hamming distance of 6, it means up to 5 arbitrary bit errors in packet are detected.
Pokyny:1. Learn about the CRC basic principles
2. Use recommended literature to understand the generating polynomials evaluation
3. Evaluate the known good CRC polynomials for application with 512 or 2048 data bytes. Either SW implementation of CRC or better the HW acceleration in FPGA should be used.
4. If no of known polynomials passes the evaluation, try to design a new one and evaluate its features.
Literatura:Koopman, P.: Cyclic Redundancy Code (CRC) Polynomial Selection for Embedded Networks -
Realizace:Matlab or C or VHDL code or their combination
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