Téma:3D reconstruction of textureless areas using HoloLens
Vedoucí:Ing. Michal Polic , Ing. Michal Polic
Vypsáno jako:Semestrální projekt
Popis:3D reconstruction plays an essential role in Augmented Reality (AR), i.e., the correct alignment of virtual objects into the real scene. Most of the current approaches work well in environments rich in textures. However, some indoor/outdoor places, e.g., construction, corridors, factory floor, and textureless rooms are hard to reconstruct form images. The work will consist of comparing the state of the art methods for 3D reconstruction using a rig of cameras focusing on textureless areas and images preprocessing.
Pokyny:Review state of the art in 3D reconstruction from the rig of images. Find the origins of the reconstruction pipeline mistakes. Compare the preprocessing approaches to improve overall 3D model quality. The results are going to be used in the scope on ARTwin project, see
Literatura:Literature will be provided by the supervisor.
Realizace:Code in Matlab and C++
Vypsáno dne:29.05.2020