Téma:Manipulation with a robotic gripper using tactile information
Vedoucí:Prof. Ing. Václav Hlaváč CSc.
Vypsáno jako:Bakalářská práce
Oponent:Mgr. Matěj Hoffmann, Ph.D.
Popis:The aim of the bachelor project is to gain experience in robotic manipulation using a gripper endowed with tactile sensors. The classic peg and hole manipulation task will be used as a use case. The rather advanced gripper (Robotiq Three Finger Adaptive Gripper, 3FG in the sequel) extended by TakkTile tactile sensors (six ones at each finger and eighteen ones in the palm) is available in the supervisor's laboratory. The student will attach the gripper to a force-compliant industrial manipulator and use ROS for its control. The experimental part should demonstrate a simple peg and hole manipulation task. The endeavor should be well documented as it will likely be an entry point for other students/researchers.
Pokyny:1. Make yourself familiar with 3FG, Takktile sensors and their control.
2. Attach the gripper to a force-compliant industrial manipulator and use ROS for working with it.
3. Solve a simplified peg and hole manipulation task and develop related software. Python environment is recommended.
4. Document your work and software well.
Literatura:1. R.M. Murray, Z. Li., S.S. Sastry: A Mathematical Introduction to Robotic Manipulation, CRC Press, 1994. 456 p 2. M.T. Mason: Towards Robotic Manipulation. Annual Review of Control, Robotics, and Autonomous Systems, Vol. 1, 2018, 28 p.
Realizace:Practical implementation in lab including needed software
Vypsáno dne:01.09.2020