Carlos Bejines López presents Characterization of finitely-valued logical operations

On 2021-06-04 11:00:00 at G205, Karlovo náměstí 13, Praha 2
In order to express preferences or natural language expressions, many-valued
fuzzy) logic is often helpful.
From the practical point of view, finitely many truth values suffice.
On these, logical operations are defined, the conjunction being the basic
starting point.
When we put natural axioms to it, we find an abundance of such operations,
without any known system.
We concentrate on those which do not have nontrivial idempotent elements (x AND
x = x holds only for the least and the greatest element) and among them, to the
maximal ones.
We motivate this choice as a natural one and we present a complete description
of them.
Surprisingly, their number (depending on the number of truth values) follows
Fibonacci sequence; we explain this phenomenon.
Additionally, we show other structures for finite sets of truth values that are
not linearly ordered, from an accepted paper C. Bejines: T-norms and t-conorms
on a family of lattices, Fuzzy Sets and Systems.

The talk will be given in G-205 (PERSONAL ATTENDANCE is preferred, online
connection will be possible at ).
Za obsah zodpovídá: Petr Pošík