Volodymyr Zabulskyi presents End-to-End Object Detection with Transformers

On 2021-10-26 11:00:00 at https://feectu.zoom.us/j/97713120692
Online reading group on "End-to-End Object Detection with Transformers"
Carion et al, ECCV 2020

Paper abstract: We present a new method that views object detection as a direct
set prediction problem. Our approach streamlines the detection pipeline,
effectively removing the need for many hand-designed components like a
non-maximum suppression procedure or anchor generation that explicitly encode
our prior knowledge about the task. The main ingredients of the new framework,
called DEtection TRansformer or DETR, are a set-based global loss that forces
unique predictions via bipartite matching, and a transformer encoder-decoder
architecture. Given a fixed small set of learned object queries, DETR reasons
about the relations of the objects and the global image context to directly
output the final set of predictions in parallel. The new model is conceptually
simple and does not require a specialized library, unlike many other modern
detectors. DETR demonstrates accuracy and run-time performance on par with the
well-established and highly-optimized Faster RCNNbaseline on the challenging
COCO object detection dataset. Moreover, DETR can be easily generalized to
produce panoptic segmentation in a unified manner. We show that it
outperforms competitive baselines.

Paper url: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2005.12872.pdf

Instructions for participants: The reading group studies the literature in the
field of pattern recognition and computer vision. At each meeting one or more
papers are prepared for presentation by a single person, the presenter. The
meetings are open to anyone, disregarding their background. It is assumed that
everyone attending the reading group has, at least briefly, read the paper –
not necessarily understanding everything. Attendants should preferably send
questions about the unclear parts to the speaker at least one day in advance.
During the presentation we aim to have a fruitful discussion, a critical
analysis of the paper, as well as brainstorming for creative extensions.

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