Jan Pichl presents ChatGPT and the Future of Conversational Technologies: Advancements, Implications, and Challenges

On 2023-04-13 16:00:00 at KN:E-301
An invited talk by Jan Pichl, CTO at PromethistAI. The lecture is organized by
the IDA research group and UPE.

In recent years, Natural Language Processing (NLP) research has seen a
significant shift in focus, largely due to the emergence of large language
models such as ChatGPT. These models have the potential to revolutionize the
businesses interact with their customers and transform the entire field of
conversational technologies. This presentation will discuss how ChatGPT is
changing the landscape of NLP research and explore the implications of this for
businesses looking to leverage NLP and conversational technologies. We will
examine the recent advances in language modeling and conversational AI and
consider the challenges that still need to be addressed.

Jan is a CTO and NLP engineer at PromethistAI. He was the leader of team
Alquist, which developed an award-winning conversational chatbot (Alexa Prize
Grand Challenge). The team was also awarded the "best project of the year" in
Awards 2018, and Jan was ranked in Czech Forbes’ 30 under 30 in 2018. Jan
studied Software engineering and Artificial Intelligence (CTU) and is currently
also working on his Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence and Biocybernetics. Before
joining Promethist, he spent 4,5 years at IBM.
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