Současná pozice:
External teacher
Současné projekty:
Currently local coordinator of
  • 2 EC Projects, namely COGAIN (2005-2009), OLDES (2007-2009)
  • bilateral projects with Austria and Slovenia
  • 1 project of Czech Grant Agency Relational machine learning and analysis of biomedical data

Undergraduate courses: Programming for Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence I., Complexity of Algorithms and AI Solving Techniques
Graduate courses: Logic and Logic Programming , Modal Logic, Selected Topics in Artificial Intelligence
1999 Professor of Technical Cybernetics at FEL CTU Prague
1992 Associate professor of Technical Cybernetics at FEL CTU Prague
1981 CSc. in Mathematical Logics
1973 RNDr. in Theoretical Cybernetics at the Charles University, Prague
1972 graduated mathematician: Mathematics at the Charles University, Prague
Vedoucí prací:
Ph.D. students, who succesfully defended their Ph.D.: Petr Aubrecht - Ontology Transformations (2005), Karel Maly - Robot World Modelling (2005), Filip Zelezny - Inductive Logic Programming (2003) Jiri Klema - Prototype Applications of Instance-Based Reasoning (2002), Dimitar Kazakov - ML Applications for NLP (1999), Lubos Popelinsky - Towards Practical ILP (1999), Jiri Stetina - Corpus Based Natural language Ambiguity Resolution (1998) Ivo Marvan - Qualitative Simulation and Its Language (1995).
Presently supervised Ph.D. students: Petr Slechta - Heuristic Schedulling (1999), Michal Bures - Neural Net Modelling of Rodent Activities (2002), Lenka Novakova - Vizualisation in Data Mining (2003), Hynek Kruzik - Mining in Medical Records (2004), Vratislav Fabian - Biomedical Engineering (2005), Martin Janouch - Biomedical Engineering (2006)
Number of master and bachelor thesis.
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