Detail of the student project

Topic:Deep learning for automatic detection of multiple myeloma from CT images
Department:Katedra kybernetiky
Supervisor:prof. Dr. Ing. Jan Kybic
Announce as:Diplomová práce, Bakalářská práce, Semestrální projekt
Bibliography:J. Hering, J. Kybic, and L. Lambert, “Detecting multiple myeloma via generalized multiple-instance learning,” SPIE Medical Imaging 2018, p. 22.
F. Martínez-Martínez, J. Kybic, L. Lambert, and Z. Mecková, “Fully Automated Classification of Bone Marrow Infiltration in Low-Dose CT of Patients with Multiple Myeloma Based on Probabilistic Density Model and Supervised Learning,” Comput. Biol. Med., vol. 71, pp. 57–66, Apr. 2016.
Responsible person: Petr Pošík