Teymur Azayev defended his Ph.d. Thesis

Teymur Azayev successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis Robotic control with deep-learned structured policies Supervisor:  doc. Ing. Karel Zimmermann, Ph.D. Congratulations!

Prof. Matas is the highest ranked computer scientist from the Czech Republic

Prof. Matas je nejlépe hodnoceným informatikem z ČR
According to Research.com’s international ranking, which evaluates the success of computer scientists based on their H-index, citations, and the number of papers collected by 21 December 2022, the top-ranked Czech computer scientist is prof. Jiří Matas. The success of CTU is underlined by the fact that it has three representatives among the first four Czech scientists …read more

Drone developers from FEE CTU have designed the RaDron solution to help rescue forces

Vývojáři dronů z FEL ČVUT navrhli řešení RaDron, které pomůže záchranným složkám
The search for a lost miniature source of radioactive caesium-137 has managed to keep authorities and emergency services in Western Australia busy in recent days. The source of the dangerous beta and gamma radiation was finally found after an intensive deployment of rescue and firefighters and special equipment, but the alarming incident will continue to raise …read more

Rector’s Prize for an outstanding doctoral dissertation

Cena rektora za vynikající dizertační práci
The Rector’s prize for an outstanding doctoral dissertation was awarded to Ing. Tomáš Hodaň, Ph.D. for his doctoral Thesis  „Pose Estimation of Specific Rigid Objects“ and to Mgr. Dmytro Mishkin, Ph.D. for „Learning and Crafting for the Wide Multiple Baseline Stereo“. Congratulations to both researchers!

Tomáš Dlask defended his Ph.D. thesis

Tomáš Dlask successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis Block-Coordinate Descent and Local Consistencies in Linear Programming. Supervisor:  doc. Ing. Tomáš Werner, Ph.D. Congratulations!

Prof. Jiří Matas is the co-author of the best paper at the BMVC 2022 conference

Prof. Jiří Matas je spoluautorem nejlepšího článku konference BMVC 2022
The team of authors, including prof. Jiří Matas received an award for the Best Paper at the 33rd British Machine Vision Conference this week. The Best Paper Prize was awarded for the Trans2k: Unlocking the Power of Deep Models for Transparent Object Tracking to Alan Lukezic (University of Ljubljana), Žiga Trojer (University of Ljubljana), Jiří …read more

Discussion about autonomous cars on the Czech radio

Discussion about autonomous cars on the Czech radio
Interesting discussion about the challenges of autonomous cars with prof. Tomáš Svoboda, David Hurych /valeo.ai/ and Vladimír Rybecký /Autoweek/ on the Czech radio. The whole record is only available in the Czech language.

Boris Flach received the Dean’s Award for teaching

 Boris Flach received the Dean’s Award for teaching
Doc. Boris Flach, Dr. rer. nat. habil. received the Dean’s Award for teaching in the summer semester 2021/22. Teachers are awarded for teaching results based on the recommendation of a Committee appointed by the Dean. The committee’s decision is based on the results of the students´ verbal survey, suggestions from the heads of departments, and …read more

Ing. Robert Pěnička, PhD. awarded the prestigious GA ČR JUNIOR STAR grant

Ing. Robert Pěnička, PhD. získal prestižní grant JUNIOR STAR od GA ČR
Congratulations to the MRS Group member Ing. Robert Pěnička, PhD. for earning a prestigious grant project: JUNIOR STAR from GA ČR! The Czech Science Foundation (GA ČR)  announced the results of the JUNIOR STAR project, which is intended for excellent scientists in their early careers. Only a fragment of submitted works receive funding and our …read more

Dmytro Mishkin received the Dean’s Award for prestigious dissertation

Dmytro Mishkin získal Cenu děkana za prestižní dizertační práci
The Dean’s Awards for prestigious dissertations were awarded on November 9th at the Scientific council meeting. Researcher Mgr. Dmytro Mishkin, Ph.D. received the award for his work Learning and Crafting for the Wide Multiple Baseline Stereo under the supervision of prof. Ing. Jiří Matas, Ph.D. Congratulations!
Responsible person: Petra Rosická