Detail of the student project

Topic:JavaScript tester
Department:Katedra kybernetiky
Supervisor:Ing. Jan Šedivý CSc.
Announce as:DP
Description:Vytvořte platformu pro programovací jazyk JavaScript, která podporovat testování částí kódu pro různé typy borwserů. Cílem je pomoci vývoje JavaSfcriptobvých aplikací současně pro co nejširší paletu prohlížečů. V DP danou tématiku prosutudujte a popište současná řešení jejich nevýhody a omezení a navrhněte nový systém vylepšující metodiku návrhu a testování JavaScriptobých aplikací.
just an overview why we need testing and why we shoot for JS
State of the art: this should be analysis of existing solutions
first we have to describe the products generally
describe the functionality
create a table with functionality in rows and product name in columns and check what is available
describe the technology how is the testing done
describe the implementation if known
Formulation of the thesis problem
describe generally what we want to design
use table from prev chapter and check points we will implement or add
explain the technology
explain the implementation
summarize the advantages of our solution
provide some UML charts for classes/objects, activity diagrams
describe how TDD will be used
shortly describe file organization for the project
shortly describe the revision control system
shortly describe the build system
prioritize in what order the components will be implemented
describe APIs
if UI required some screenshots and philosophy of UI design will be placed here
describe in detail one module implementation
describe functional and system tests and how are we going to conduct them
Final solution
describe use case, show how well it discovered some browser execution problems
use quantitative params from tab.1 and show how much better is the new solution, speed of execution, required memory, number of tested browser, UI quality
point to documentation and code, some description
shortly what has been achieved, what is the developers response, how many followers are on HP, what are the next plans
Bibliography:JsTestDriver project on Google Code:
Responsible person: Petr Pošík