Chang-Hee Won presents Tactile Imaging Probe for Biomedical Applications

On 2019-02-07 11:00:00 at G205, Karlovo náměstí 13, Praha 2
A novel tactile imaging probe, that is capable of measuring the elasticity of
the touched object, is designed, implemented, and tested. A
optical waveguide has been fabricated as the sensing probe. When a waveguide is
compressed by an object, the contact area of the waveguide deforms and causes
the light to scatter. The scattered light is captured by a high-resolution
camera. To find the elastic modulus of a touched object, multiple tactile
are taken from slightly different loading force values. The applied force has
been estimated using the integrated pixel values of the tactile image. The
strain has been estimated by matching the series of tactile images using the
proposed non-rigid pattern-matching algorithm. The measurement method was
validated by the commercial soft polymer samples with the known elastic
The application of the device is in tumor characterization.

Brief Bio

Chang-hee (Andy) Won is a professor of electrical and computer engineering and
the director of Control, Sensor, Network, and Perception (CSNAP) Laboratory at
Temple University, USA. Previous to coming to academia, he worked at ETRI as a
senior research engineer in satellite control. Currently, he is actively
guiding various research projects funded by National Science Foundation,
Pennsylvania Department of Health, and Department of Defense. He published
120 peer-reviewed articles and received multi-million dollars of research
funding as a principal investigator from industry, state, and federal funding
sources. His research interests include tactile imaging, optimal control
theory, and dynamic interrogation system.

He is a currently at CTU until July as a Fulbright Distinguished Chair. The
purpose of this talk is to identify possible collaboration opportunities.

Responsible person: Petr Pošík