Pavel Petráček presents Dronument: A system for documentation of historical monuments by a team of unmanned aerial vehicles

On 2020-11-24 11:00:00 at The seminar will be held online
In the talk, we will present and discuss our methods going beyond the current
state of the art in autonomous inspection and documentation of large interiors
with unmanned aerial robots.

The seminar will be via Zoom:
Meeting ID: 922 6578 0105
Passcode: 172431

Paper abstract:
This letter presents a self-contained system for the robust deployment of
autonomous aerial vehicles in environments without access to global navigation
systems and with limited lighting conditions. The proposed system,
application-tailored for documentation in dark areas of large historical
monuments, uses a unique and reliable aerial platform with a multi-modal
lightweight sensory setup to acquire data in human-restricted areas with
lighting conditions, especially in areas that are high above the ground. The
introduced localization method relies on an easy-to-obtain 3-D point cloud of a
historical building while it copes with a lack of visible light by fusing
laser-based sensors. The approach does not rely on any external localization or
on a preset motion-capture system. This enables fast deployment in the
of investigated structures while being computationally undemanding enough to
process data online, onboard an MAV equipped with ordinary processing
The reliability of the system is analyzed, is quantitatively evaluated on a set
of aerial trajectories performed inside a real-world church, and is deployed
onto the aerial platform in the position control feedback loop to demonstrate
the reliability of the system in the safety-critical application of historical
monuments documentation.

Link to paper:

Responsible person: Petr Pošík