Antonio Lombardo and Giuseppe Caputo presents Diploma students presentation - Temporal Logic for path planning motivated by AERIAL-CORE EU project

On 2021-01-21 11:00:00 at The presentations will be held online
Diploma students' presentation. Below are the title and abstract of the works.

The work has been supervised by Giuseppe Silano

Students program:

Antonio Lombardo, "Signal Temporal Logic as a tool to encode inspection
missions for a quad-rotor".

Abstract: Infrastructure detection and monitoring is a difficult task. Thanks
the recent technological advances, it is now possible to resolve complicated
optimization problems in real-time. This allows to decrease the human effort
achieve consistent results in infrastructure assessments using unmanned aerial
vehicles. Reliable detection and integrity checking of power infrastructure
including conductor lines, pylons and insulators are the most challenging task
in drone-based automatic infrastructure monitoring due to the complex map
scenarios and electromagnetic interface.

A framework for computing feasible and constrained trajectories for a
leveraging on Signal Temporal Logic (STL) specifications for power line
inspection tasks is proposed in this talk. The planner allows the formulation
complex missions that avoid obstacles while performing the planned mission. An
optimization problem is set to generate optimal strategies that satisfy these
specifications and also take vehicle constraints into account. An arbitrarily
precise, infinitely differentiable, approximation of the robustness is used
enabling the use of powerful gradient descent optimizers. Numerical simulations
in MATLAB results show the validity and the effectiveness of the proposed
approach, and propose its applicability in real-world scenarios.

Giuseppe Caputo, "A framework to fulfill inspection missions for a multi-robot
system via Linear Temporal Logic specifications".

Abstract: Inspection of power line infrastructures must be periodically
conducted by electric companies in order to ensure reliable electric power
distribution. Research efforts are focused on automating the power line
inspection process by looking for strategies that satisfy different
expressed in terms of potential damage and fault detection. This problem comes
up with the need for safe planning and control techniques for autonomous robots
to perform visual inspection tasks. Such an application becomes even more
interesting and of critical importance when considering a multi-robot

In this talk, the compute of feasible and constrained trajectories for a fleet
of quad-rotors leveraging on Linear Temporal Logic (LTL) specifications is
proposed. The planner allows formulating rather complex missions avoiding
obstacles, remaining in the workspace area, and minimizing the energy
consumption along the path. Control barrier functions are used as a convenient
tool to guarantee reachability and safety for the system. Simulations results
achieved in MATLAB show the effectiveness of the proposed approach leading the
way to experimental tests on the hardware.

The presentations will be held online via Zoom.
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Presentation length ~ 15 min per talk, 5 min discussion
Responsible person: Petr Pošík