Martin Saska presents Dronument Workshop

On 2021-08-12 - 2021-08-12 09:00:00
On behalf of the organizers, let me invite you for DRONUMENT WORKSHOP on
inspection by fleets of autonomous drones that will be held in Prague, Czech
Republic, on August 12th, 2021, The
The workshop can be also attended online via ZOOM.

The Workshop is primarily dedicated to DRONUMENT - a system for the
documentation and inspection of historical monuments using a team of unmanned
aerial vehicles In cooperation with
the Czech National Heritage Institute (NPÚ), we have designed a fully
autonomous system for gathering information about the current state of
paintings, frescos, and other historical objects in difficult to access areas
interiors of historical monuments. The UAVs are intended to be used in groups
a cooperative way to solve tasks such as smart lighting, where one UAV acts as
the main camera-equipped robot for filming while the other UAVs provide
to the scene from optimal positions.

- Pavel Petráček, Vít Krátký and Martin Saska. Dronument: System for
Reliable Deployment of Micro Aerial Vehicles in Dark Areas of Large Historical
Monuments. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 5(2):2078-2085, April 2020.
- Vít Krátký, Pavel Petráček, Vojtěch Spurný and Martin Saska.
Reflectance Transformation Imaging by a Team of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. IEEE
Robotics and Automation Letters 5(2):2302-2309, April 2020.
- Vít Krátký, Alfonso Alcántara, Jesús Capitán, Petr Štěpán, Martin
Saska and Aníbal Ollero. Autonomous Aerial Filming with Distributed Lighting
a Team of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, July
- Martin Saska, Vít Krátký, Vojtěch Spurný and To Báča. Documentation of
dark areas of large historical buildings by a formation of unmanned aerial
vehicles using model predictive control. In IEEE ETFA, 2017

In addition to DRONUMENT, results of other projects focused on inspection of
industrial infrastructure by teams of intelligent aerial vehicles, such as the
Aerial Core project, will be presented and discussed.

- František Nekovář, Jan Faigl and Martin Saska. Multi-tour Set Traveling
Salesman Problem in Planning Power Transmission Line Inspection. IEEE Robotics
and Automation Letters, July 2021.
- Giuseppe Silano, Tomáš Báča, Robert Pěnička, Davide Liuzza and Martin
Saska. Power Line Inspection Tasks with Multi-Aerial Robot Systems via Signal
Temporal Logic Specifications. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters
6(2):4169–4176, April 2021.

- Tomáš Báča, Matěj Petrlík, Matouš Vrba, Vojtěch Spurný, Robert
Pěnička, Daniel Heřt and Martin Saska. The MRS UAV System: Pushing the
Frontiers of Reproducible Research, Real-world Deployment, and Education with
Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems
102(26):1–28, 2021.

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