Detail of the student project

Topic:Data fusion from sensors in smart home environment
Supervisor:Doc. Ing. Lenka Lhotská CSc.
Announce as:PMI,PTO
Examiner:Ing. Jaromír Doležal, PhD
Description:The aim is:
1. to perform analysis of existing and possible solutions of several person movement detection in a room or building;
2. to design suitable (if possible optimal) distribution of sensors in space to ensure reliable movement detection in the given space;
3. to design and implement computer simulation that will visualize detected movement and store acquired data;
4. to design learning algorithm that will learn movement patterns from acquired data; the aim is to differentiate between persons present in the given space at the same time.

Max.number of students:6

Warning: the registration to the PTO can be canceled only by supervisor.
Responsible person: Petr Pošík