Detail of the student project

Topic:Security-hardening of a Linux-based device
Supervisor:Michal Sojka
Announce as:PTO
Description:Disclaimer: This project is a part of cooperation with an external company and as such requires each participant to sign an NDA. It will be, however, possible to present the results of this project in this course, but few technical and business detail will have to be left off.

The goal of the project is to make an existing Linux-based device more secure. This will be achieved by applying selected security hardening techniques such as sandboxing to existing software. The major part of the team project will consist of programming of automated tests for correct device functionality. These tests will be used to verify that the device works correctly even after the application of security hardening or updates.
Max.number of students:3
Booked students:Andrey Albershteyn, František Nekovář, Maxim Baryshnikov
Responsible person: Petr Pošík