Finished theses

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Bohumil Brož: An Entertaining Demonstration of a Multi-Robot System (PDF) Svoboda Tomáš 2022 KyR
Jakub Rozlivek: Automating 3D Scanning of Factory Hall by a Mobile Robot (PDF) Svoboda Tomáš 2022 KyR KyR
Petr Šebek: Weakly Supervised Data Augmentation for LiDAR Based 3D Object Detection (PDF) Svoboda Tomáš 2021 KyR
Hollmannová Dita: Simulating Realistic Local 3D Maps from Geometric Models (PDF) Svoboda Tomáš 2018 OI ICS
Chmel Jakub: SW and HW Integration of an IP PTZ Camera onto a Mobile Outdoor Robot (PDF) Svoboda Tomáš 2017 KyR R
Vakula Jan: Keypoint Localization and Matching in Difficult Scenes for Visual Odometry (PDF) Svoboda Tomáš 2017 KyR R
Zlámal Vít: Virtual Bumper for Tracked Ground Robot from Depth Data (PDF) Svoboda Tomáš 2017 OI ICS
Burian Martin: Haptic Terrain Exploration with Robotic Arm (PDF) Svoboda Tomáš 2017 OI CV
Jašek Otakar: Detecting Objects for Autonomous System Verification (PDF) Svoboda Tomáš 2016 OI ICS
Potoček Pavel: Probabilistic Approach to Landmark Management in Visual Odometry (PDF) Svoboda Tomáš 2014 KyR R
Hrabalík Aleš: 3D Point Cloud Registration, Experimental Comparison and Fusing Range and Visual Data (PDF) Svoboda Tomáš 2014 OI ICS
Brabec Jan: Automated Camera Calibration from Laser Scanning Data in Natural Environments (PDF) Svoboda Tomáš 2014 OI ICS
Derner Erik: Car Detection on a Mobile Robot by Fusing Visual and 3D Lidar Data  Svoboda Tomáš 2012 OI ICS
Sedláček Filip: Free-form Object Detection and Measurement by Using LIDAR and Omnidirectional Camera  Svoboda Tomáš 2012 KyR R
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