Charles Square Campus

Charles Square Campus of CTU


Finding the CTU campus at Karlovo namesti 13 (charles Square) is easy. Karlovo namesti is a large rectangular park. Travel by metro (line B) to station Karlovo namesti. There are two exits from this station. Take the exit closer to the city center, labelled Karlovo namesti. (The second exit leads to Palackeho namesti; when you appear less than 100 meters from Vltava river then you are on the wrong side).

The entrance to the campus is in a yellowish Renaissance Revival building from 1860 on the corner of Karlovo namesti and Resslova street. You will appear in the underpass after leaving the metro area. One of the underpass exits leads to the corner of the CTU building. The direction is roughly diagonally left from metro exit. If there is a bakery shop on your right hand side in the underpass then it is the correct exit. Climb up the stairs and you will see the entrance to CTU directly in front of you.

The Buildings of the Department of Cybernetics


You entered building A of the CTU campus. Dept. of Cybernetics resides in buildings E and G. Both buildings are in the yard of the campus. Follow black arrows for Electrical Engineering. You should go through a “glass cube” and a short corridor straight away. You will arrive at a yard. Turn right and you will see building E. When you get closer to it and turn left, you should also see building G, a relatively small light baroque building (from 1757, recently reconstructed) about 100 m ahead of you. Building E (now on your right-hand side) is freely accessible. Building G (now in front of you) has a phone on the left-hand side of door. Call us from there.

Situation maps

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Situation map of Charles Square Campus



Responsible person: Petr Pošík