Diploma and bachelor theses


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TypeAuthor and work titleSupervisorYearprogdisc
BP Petrůj Jakub: Monitoring og specific characteristics of the electrically conducting adhesives (PDF)Mach Pavel 2018 EEM Elektrotechnika a management
DP Mahel Roman: Fault tree analysis (FTA) and Failure mode and effect analysis of a process of soldering and adhesive conductive joining in electronics (PDF)Mach Pavel 2016 EEM Elektroenergetika
DP Střelka Eduard: Using of Ishikawa's Tools for quality control in different types of production (PDF)Mach Pavel 2017 EEM Elektroenergetika
DP Závora Ferdinand: Adhesive Joints Formed of Electrically Conductive Adhesives (PDF)Mach Pavel 2019 EEM Elektroenergetika
BP Khodadadi Hussain: Power Control for Femtocells in Hybrid Access Mode Mach Pavel 2013 KME Komunikační technika (bakalářský obor)
BP Korpás Gábor: Uplink Power Control in LTE with Femtocells Mach Pavel 2013 KME Komunikační technika (bakalářský obor)
BP Fekete Márton: Interference Mitigation in Networks with Femtocells Mach Pavel 2013 KME Komunikační technika (bakalářský obor)
DP Tenkl Michal: Methods for Overhead Reduction in Wireless Network Based on LTE-A Mach Pavel 2013 KME Bezdrátové komunikace (magisterský)
BP Chung Mock Giselle Jenille: The use of Taguchi's orthogonal arrays, full factorial experiments and fractional factorial experiments for modeling of processes Mach Pavel 2012 EI Silnoproudá elektrotechnika (bakalářský)
BP Jiří Sokol: Influence of mechanical stress and heat shocks on mechanical aging of adhesive joints (PDF)Mach Pavel 2020 EEM Aplikovaná elektrotechnika
BP Jaromír Rohlena: Influence of heat treatment on the properties of adhesive conductive joints (PDF)Mach Pavel 2023 EEM Aplikovaná elektrotechnika
DP Cinert Jakub: Examination of properties of adhesive joints on different types of surfaces Mach Pavel 2011 EI Silnoproudá elektrotechnika (magisterský)
DP Ratislav Marek: Using of selected methods of thermomechanical analyzis for examination of properties of thermally aged electrically conductive adhesives Mach Pavel 2011 EEM Technologické systémy
DP Plaček Martin: Temperature-mechanical analyzis of electrically conductive adhesives Mach Pavel 2012 EEM Technologické systémy
DP Svoboda Michal: Modification of electrical resistance of adhesive joints with current pulses Mach Pavel 2013 EEM Technologické systémy
DP Žalská Pavlína: Ageing of joints formed of electrically conductive adhesives (PDF)Mach Pavel 2017 EEM Technologické systémy
DP Tariq Usman: Influence of mechanical stress on properties of conductive adhesive joints (PDF)Mach Pavel 2017 EEM Technologické systémy
DP Lacina Robert: Modelling of climatic changes of joints formed using conductive adhesives (PDF)Mach Pavel 2018 EEM Technologické systémy
DP Jiří Sokol: Properties of conductive adhesive joints after different types of stress (PDF)Mach Pavel 2022 EEM Technologické systémy
BP Janák Jiří: Modifications of electrically conductive adhesives for their conductivity enhancement Mach Pavel 2011 EI Elektronika a sdělovací technika (bakalářský)
BP Adam Jeník: Computation Offloading to Network's Edge in Environment with Dynamic Channel Quality Changes (PDF)Mach Pavel 2024
DP Kříž Jan: Efficient radio resource allocation for Device-to-Device communication (PDF)Mach Pavel 2019 EK Komunikační systémy a sítě
DP Arman Džubur: Offloading computing tasks to multi-access edge computing via multiple relaying nodes (PDF)Mach Pavel 2023 EK Technology of the Internet of Things
Bušek David: Study of modern materials of electrically conductive joints in electronics Mach Pavel 2012 Elektrotechnologie a materiály
Mehyar Najla: Advanced allocation of resources for Device-to-Device Communication in future mobile networks (PDF)Mach Pavel 2020 Telekomunikační technika
Seba Barto: Diagnostics of conductive adhesive joints and selected parts of adhesive assembly (PDF)Mach Pavel 2019 Elektrotechnologie a materiály
Responsible person: Petr Pošík