Diploma and bachelor theses


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TypeAuthor and work titleSupervisorYearprogdisc
DP Tesař Štěpán: General Architecture for Development of Multiplatform E-learning Applications (PDF)Ježek Filip 2015 BMII Biomedicínská informatika
DP Stuchlík Petr: Record, Representation and Use of Electronic Partogram and Cardiotocogram (PDF)Huptych Michal 2015 BMII Biomedicínská informatika
DP Šmrha Michal: 3D Atlas of Human Bones (PDF)Burša Miroslav 2015 BMII Biomedicínská informatika
DP Plaček Martin: Visuomotor Coordination of Bioloid Robot (PDF)Vavrečka Michal 2015 BMII Biomedicínská informatika
DP Vondráčková Lenka: Functional MRI of Hypercapnia Data (PDF)Petr Jan 2015 BMII Biomedicínská informatika
DP Kalecký Karel: Relationship of Heart's Pumping Function and Pressure-Flow Patterns in Reduced Arterial Tree (PDF)Ježek Filip 2015 BMII Biomedicínská informatika
DP Grosman Tomáš: Heart Rate Variability Analysis (PDF)Parák Jakub 2016 BMII Biomedicínská informatika
DP Housková Alisa: Personalized Schizophrenia Relapse Detection in ITAREPS Clinical Programme (PDF)Bakštein Eduard 2017 BMII Biomedicínská informatika
DP Tošner David: Universal Optical Data Acquisition from Patient Monitor (PDF)Ježek Filip 2017 BMII Biomedicínská informatika
DP Bartošová Eva: The Detection and Analysis of Particles in the Microscopic Images (PDF)Jiřina Marcel 2017 BMII Biomedicínská informatika
DP Durčák Jindřich: Sampling-Based Motion Planning for Tunnel Detection in Protein Structures (PDF)Vonásek Vojtěch 2017 BMII Biomedicínská informatika
DP Zoulová Lenka: Prediction of Epileptic Seizures from Intracranial EEG (PDF)Macaš Martin 2017 BMII Biomedicínská informatika
DP Grimová Nela: Influence of Class Imbalance on Active Learning of Sleep EEG Classifier (PDF)Macaš Martin 2017 BMII Biomedicínská informatika
DP Vošmik Jiří: Analysis of Parallel Microelectrode Recordings (PDF)Sieger Tomáš 2018 BMII Biomedicínská informatika
DP Füzesséry Eduard: Prototype of Notification-Monitoring Wearable (PDF)Kutíková Anna 2018 BMII Biomedicínská informatika
DP Lukáš Mařík: Classification of Respiratory System Compliance Changes during Mechanical Ventilation Using Electrical Impedance Tomography (PDF)von Platen Philip 2021 BMII Biomedicínská informatika
DP Lenka Svobodová: Effective Connectivity Instability within Epileptogenic Network (PDF)Janča Radek 2020 BMII Biomedicínská informatika
DP Náhlík Michal: Sleep-Wake and Sleep Stage Detection from Wrist-Worn Actigraphy (PDF)Bakštein Eduard 2019 BMII Biomedicínská informatika
DP Hryzák Ondřej: Development of an Android Input Method Using Braille (PDF)Novák Daniel 2018 BMII Biomedicínská informatika
DP Martin Indra: Automatic intron detection in metagenomes using neural networks. (PDF)Kléma Jiří 2021 OI Bioinformatika
DP Eva Uhliariková: Ketoacidoses simulation in educational appplication for children suffering from diabetes (PDF)Novák Daniel 2020 OI Bioinformatika
DP Jonas Daniel Nienhaus: Neural Network Cascades to Incorporate Domain Knowledge for Hematopoietic Cell Classification (PDF)Havlík Jan 2020 BIO Bioinformatika
DP Minh Thao Nguyenová: Analysis and classification of the subthalamic nucleus from microelectrode recordings (PDF)Bakštein Eduard 2021 BIO Bioinformatika
DP Marek Hrvol: Efficient similarity calculation for RNA secondary structures (PDF)Kléma Jiří 2019 OI Bioinformatika
DP Tomáš Kala: Bayesian parameter estimation of state-space models with intractable likelihood (PDF)Dedecius Kamil 2019 OI Bioinformatika
DP Lebedeva Anastasia: Extension of genotype population-based phasing with (PDF)Gavenčiak Tomáš 2018 OI Bioinformatika
DP Jan Matyáš Křišťan: Multiplayer games in the context of computational biology (PDF)Valla Tomáš 2020 OI Bioinformatika
DP Evžen Šírek: Robust cell subsets decomposition from tissue expression profiles for biomarker identification (PDF)Kléma Jiří 2020 OI Bioinformatika
DP Eliška Dvořáková: Evaluating Directional and Association Methods on Single-cell RNA Sequencing Data (PDF)Song Joe 2020 OI Bioinformatika
DP Yeva Prysiazhniuk: Measuring Arterial spin labeling MRI - calibration from M0-scans with background suppression (PDF)Petr Jan 2021 BIO Bioinformatika
DP Eliška Sirůčková: Sequential homology of circular RNA (PDF)Ryšavý Petr 2021 OI Bioinformatika
DP Jan Horák: Automated Detection and Quantitation of Langerhans Islets in Pancreatic Tissue (PDF)Kybic Jan 2021 OI Bioinformatika
DP Lucie Mühlfeitová: Automated annotation of non-coding RNAs (PDF)Kléma Jiří 2024 BIO Bioinformatika
DP Barbora Mašková: Explainable and transferable fungal intron models (PDF)Kléma Jiří 2024 BIO Bioinformatika
DP Alikhan Anuarbekov: Inference of interaction networks from multi-omics data using Bayesian networks (PDF)Kléma Jiří 2023 OI Bioinformatika
DP David Kolečkář: Visualization and analysis of patients digital phenotypes (PDF)Novák Daniel 2023 OI Bioinformatika
DP Pavlína Koutecká: Surgery planning using branch-and-price algorithm accelerated using machine learning (PDF)Šůcha Přemysl 2023 OI Bioinformatika
Responsible person: Petr Pošík