Call for Valeo.AI-sponsored PhD student/researcher

We open a PhD position in the university environment while being partially supervised by the top-tier researcher from Valeo.AI research group. Show your research to be meaningful by running your codes on the real self-driving car to improve human safety. The position is sponsored by Valeo.AI.


  • who are excellent, self-motivated, and willing to push the boundaries of the state-of-the-art in robotics and AI
  • have experience in computer science, python/c++ development, optimisation/machine learning
    PhD student:
    has achieved at least one outstanding result of any form (rank-A/A* conference paper, awards, scholarships, participation in programming contests or mathematical/physics olympiads)
    PostDoc researcher:
    has strong scientific record containing top-tier publications at rank-A/A* conferences such as CVPR, ICCV, ECCV, IROS, NeurIPS and/or impacted journals such as T-PAMI, IJCV, T-RO.


  • access to top-tier computational grid and robots
  • participation in the best scientific conferences and the DARPA challenge
PhD student:
full funding corresponding to the gross salary of CZK 40 000* per month (it is approximately 1600 EUR per month), direct bonuses for scientific achievements such as accepted top-tier publications or winning in significant AI/robotic challenges.
PostDoc researcher:
gross salary of CZK 50 000-70 000* per month (it is approximately 2000-2700 EUR per month) depending on previous experience and the scientific record

* which is enough for comfortable living in Prague.

The application should be a single PDF file including applicant CV and recommendation letter.

In case of interest, please, send your application by email to Helena Houskova (

Responsible person: Petra Rosická