Prof. Jiri Matas is the best rated computer scientist from the Czech Republic, CTU the best university

The international Guide2Research evaluates successful computer science on the basis of their H-index, citations, and the number of documents in the DBLP database collected by May 10, 2021. The “Top Computer Scientists Ranking” includes all top computer scientists from the Czech Republic. The best rated is prof. Jiří Matas, Head of the Visual Recognition Group (VRG ) of the Department of Cybernetics and Vice-Dean for Development from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering CTU, which is used by the 532nd best-rated expert in the entire ranking (H-index 83).

From the Czech Republic, the following universities are represented in the evaluation of informatics: Czech Technical University in Prague (371st place), Charles University (460th place), Brno University of Technology (547th place), and University of Ostrava (641st place) ).

The total sum of H-index values ​​for researchers in the Czech Republic is 511 the mean value for the H-index is 51.10. The total number of publications in the DBLP database is 1741 for Czech researchers, the average value for DBLP publications is 174.10.

More details about ranking outcomes are here.

Responsible person: Petra Rosická