Interview with professor Matas about AI in podcast

Rozhovor s profesorem Jiřím Matasem v podcastu o umělé inteligenci
The interview was recorded only in Czech. Professor Jiří Matas talks about the development of AI in the podcast. “Any artificial intelligence that generates something has to know that it generated it, and it has to be able to answer to me: yes, I generated it,” she says of the AI ​​phenomenon. Artificial intelligence …read more

Lukáš Neumann’s interview on Czech Radio about the AI

 Lukáš Neumann mluvil s Českým rozhlasem Radiožurnál o umělé inteligenci
The interview is available only in Czech

Prof. Matas is the highest ranked computer scientist from the Czech Republic

Prof. Matas je nejlépe hodnoceným informatikem z ČR
According to’s international ranking, which evaluates the success of computer scientists based on their H-index, citations, and the number of papers collected by 21 December 2022, the top-ranked Czech computer scientist is prof. Jiří Matas. The success of CTU is underlined by the fact that it has three representatives among the first four Czech scientists …read more

Prof. Jiří Matas is the co-author of the best paper at the BMVC 2022 conference

Prof. Jiří Matas je spoluautorem nejlepšího článku konference BMVC 2022
The team of authors, including prof. Jiří Matas received an award for the Best Paper at the 33rd British Machine Vision Conference this week. The Best Paper Prize was awarded for the Trans2k: Unlocking the Power of Deep Models for Transparent Object Tracking to Alan Lukezic (University of Ljubljana), Žiga Trojer (University of Ljubljana), Jiří …read more

Dmytro Mishkin received the Dean’s Award for prestigious dissertation

Dmytro Mishkin získal Cenu děkana za prestižní dizertační práci
The Dean’s Awards for prestigious dissertations were awarded on November 9th at the Scientific council meeting. Researcher Mgr. Dmytro Mishkin, Ph.D. received the award for his work Learning and Crafting for the Wide Multiple Baseline Stereo under the supervision of prof. Ing. Jiří Matas, Ph.D. Congratulations!

Prof. Jiří Matas elected a new member of the Learned Society of CZ

Prof. Jiří Matas zvolen řádným členem Učené společnosti ČR
At its 28th General Assembly on 17 May 2022, the Learned Society of the Czech Republic elected Professor Jiří Matas as a full member. “The Learned Society of the Czech Republic is fully aware of the fundamental importance of the rapidly developing field of artificial intelligence and machine learning for society, and thus appreciates that …read more

Prof. Matas ranked as a top computer scientist in the Czech republic

 Prof. Matas je nejlépe hodnoceným informatikem z ČR
Computer scientists from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University are among the top scientists in Europe based on the ranking of the best institutions in the field of Computer Science. Also, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering /CTU/ has been the best workplace in the field of informatics in the Czech Republic …read more

The Cybernetics Department’s VRG team is working on machine vision for Toyota. This is a very unique project in Czech universities, says Professor Matas

Tým VRG katedry kybernetiky pracuje na strojovém vidění pro Toyotu. Na českých školách je to zcela výjimečný projekt, říká profesor Matas
An Interview about the ToyotaLab team’s research led by Professor Matas was published on the CzechCrunch website. How the whole project was created and what it is involved in you can read here. The article is only in Czech.

Ondřej Chum promoted to Full Professor

Ondřej Chum promoted to Full Professor
Congratulations to Ondřej Chum from the department of Cybernetics, who was promoted to Full Professor. He is one of 11 new Full Proffesors  who were anounced by the President of the Czech Republic and will receive their diplomas in person from the Ministry of Eduation later in January 2022.

Dmytro Mishkin defended his PhD thesis

Dmytro Mishkin successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis Learning and Crafting for the Wide Multiple Baseline Stereo  Supervisor: prof. Ing. Jiří Matas, Ph.D. Congratulations!
Responsible person: Petra Rosická