RaDron – New technology for radiation detection

The RaDron project focuses on targeting and localization of gamma radiation sources. An advanced autonomous drone developed by the Multi-robot Systems group  (MRS) is equipped with unique particle detectors from the Prague company ADVACAM, will make it possible to effectively detect sources of radioactivity. In the future, the new localization method may also facilitate the work of the specialized team of ÚJV Řež, which solves the findings of sources of ionizing radiation. The partners presented the results of the project on Thursday, October 26 in Řež. The program also included a dynamic demonstration of finding the source of radioactivity and a simulation of the action intervention of the ÚJV Řež interception team.

The new technology can find application in a wide range of activities related to the standart radiation situation as well as to extraordinary events. In addition to monitoring changes in the radiation situation or creating radiation maps it will offer help, for example, in case of fires in radiological equipment, searching for stolen radiation sources, accidents during the transport of radioactive material or scanning large areas.

See a short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWgHVgDFdSc&t=1s

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Responsible person: Petra Rosická