A power-tower line near Libomyšl checked by autonomous drones

Drony skupiny MRS zkontrolovaly elektrické vedení u Libomyšle
In cooperation with Skupina ČEPS, our drones inspected a power-tower line near Libomyšl, Czech Republic. The drones autonomously took off, inspected the power-tower according to the pre-defined trajectories and took pictures of the tower itself and the insulators. The power-tower inspection is a part of the EU Horizon2020 Aerial-Core project. Also, the drone cooperation with …read more

The IEEE RAS Summer School on Multi-Robot Systems

Letní škola multirobotických systémů
APPLICATION DEADLINE EXTENDED till 1st June 2022!!! The main scope of the 2022 IEEE RAS Summer School on Multi-Robot Systems will be systems of cooperating aerial vehicles and swarms, including lectures by well-recognized experts in the field, and hands-on experience with real-world experiments using state-of-the-art aerial platforms developed for Multi-Robot research. The 2022 IEEE RAS …read more

MRS drones documented the interiors of St. Moritz church in Olomouc

Autonomní drony skupiny MRS určené k dokumentaci historických objektů byly nasazeny v kostele sv. Mořice v Olomouci
MRS system for documentation of the interiors of historical monuments by autonomous aerial vehicles has been deployed in the St. Moritz church in Olomouc. The drones can visit places which are not visible to the pilot as they fly autonomously, judging the environment using their onboard sensors and computer technology. They are able to take …read more

Our scientists tested a special drone in Stara Boleslav

Our scientists tested a special drone in Stara Boleslav
Radiožurnál on Sept 7, 2021 reported on the testing of a special firefighting drone More details in the press release of FEE CTU

Tomas Baca defended his PhD thesis

Ing. Tomáš Báča succesfully defended his PhD thesis entitled Cooperative Sensing by a Group of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Supervisor: Ing. Martin Saska, Dr. rer. nat., Co-Supervisor: Ing. Michal Platkevič, Ph.D Congratulations!

Capek would be surprised – A robot from CTU will take part in a competition for millions of dollars

Forbes magazine published comprehensively and with great interest about our SPOT robot and participation in the DARPA Subterranean Challenge with this headline. The whole journalist article you can read here Photo Petr Neugebauer, FEE CTU

Testing of drones in the UAE desert in media

The media also reported on the project of testing a drone swarm in the UAE desert for humanitarian and rescue operations Strojírenství.cz Techfokus.cz Euro.cz Radio.cz Parlamentnilisty.cz Technickytydenik.cz Tech Magazín Sciencemag.cz Feedit.cz CT24.cz ČRo Radiožurnál Tojesenzace.cz Czpravy.cz 21stoleti.cz Deník Metro Lidové noviny Česká věda do světa Haló noviny ihned.cz Hospodářské noviny Svět chytře Epocha Plus Seznam.cz …read more

Czech Drone´s Nagano: We always want to win

Czech Drone´s Nagano: We always want to win
MRS group leader dr. Martin Saska gave an interview to Forbes magazine. About the experimental campaign in the United Arab Emirates, research and other projects of the group you can read here

Police against drones

Police against drones
On May 7, 2021, Prima – Main News broadcast a report on how the police are looking for a way to destroy drones in case they endanger the health of people or their property. Martin Saska also contributed to the report. The report in Czech <a href="http://“>is here About it also informed Mlada Fronta Dnes …read more

Nature inspires drones: Robotics imitate the flight of a flock of birds

Nature inspires drones: Robotics imitate the flight of a flock of birds
In recent weeks, our researchers from the Multi-Robot Systems (MRS) group have been testing low-flying swarms of autonomous small multi-engine helicopters (drones) in the desert environment of the United Arab Emirates. A stabilized swarm of low-flying robots equipped with a neural network camera flies over the inhospitable terrain of the desert. It is ready to …read more
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