Vojtěch Vonásek received the Dean’s Award for teaching

Vojtěch Vonásek received the Dean’s Award for teaching
Vojta Vonásek received the Dean’s Award for teaching in the winter semester 2023/24. Teachers are awarded for teaching results based on the recommendation of a Committee appointed by the Dean. The committee’s decision is based on the results of the students´ verbal survey, suggestions from the heads of departments, and other factors such as the …read more

Drone developers from MRS group at the finals of 3D Mapping Challenge/UAS 5.0 competition

Vývojáři dronů ze skupiny MRS ve finále soutěže 3D Mapping Challenge/UAS 5.0
The MRS group succeeded in the semi-finals and advanced to the finals of the 3D Mapping Challenge/UAS 5.0 competition, which will take place April 9-11 in Kansas. A total of 11 teams that have passed the previous two rounds will compete for prizes worth a total of $987,500. The 3D Mapping Challenge/UAS 5.0 is one …read more

Werner von Siemense Awards 2023

Werner von Siemense Awards 2023
Congratulations to Ing. Jekatěrina Jaroslavceva and her supervisor prof. Ondřej Chum and also to dr. Vojtěch Spurný and his supervisor doc. Martin Saska for their extraordinary achievement in this year’s Werner von Siemens Awards! Jekatěrina received two awards. She was awarded for excellence in women’s scientific work and she was a runner-up in the category …read more

RaDron – New technology for radiation detection

RaDron - New technology for radiation detection
The RaDron project focuses on targeting and localization of gamma radiation sources. An advanced autonomous drone developed by the Multi-robot Systems group  (MRS) is equipped with unique particle detectors from the Prague company ADVACAM, will make it possible to effectively detect sources of radioactivity. In the future, the new localization method may also facilitate the …read more

Robot dogs and drones as part of a security camera system?

Robot dogs and drones as part of a security camera system?
The Axis Demoshow meeting for about a hundred security managers and experts from major Czech companies and institutions took place on 21 September 2023 in the premises of the Všetice Farm near Benešov u Prahy. The programme included demonstrations of experimental systems assembled by teams led by Professor Tomáš Svoboda and Associate Professor Martin Saska …read more

MRS Summer School: over 150 students learned to fly drones at FEE

Letní škola MRS: Létat s drony se na FEL letos učilo přes 150 studentů a studentek
More than 150 students from a number of countries attended the 2023 Summer School on Multi-Robot Systems, where they learned how to program drones. The event took place from 3 to 6 July at the FEE building on Charles Square in Prague, and on 7 July it culminated with outdoor challenges on Císařský ostrov. During …read more

Researchers at FEL CTU presented inovations in aerial robotics

Vědci FEL ČVUT představili inovace pro vzdušné roboty
The Multi-robot Systems Group demonstrated results of the development of new technologies for aerial robots in Temešvár, South Bohemia. During the practical flight demonstrations, the group demonstrated a technology which prevents hostile takeover of control over the drone in the form of GPS spoofing. GPS Spoofing is an intelligent form of jamming where a drone …read more

Drone developers from FEE CTU have designed the RaDron solution to help rescue forces

Vývojáři dronů z FEL ČVUT navrhli řešení RaDron, které pomůže záchranným složkám
The search for a lost miniature source of radioactive caesium-137 has managed to keep authorities and emergency services in Western Australia busy in recent days. The source of the dangerous beta and gamma radiation was finally found after an intensive deployment of rescue and firefighters and special equipment, but the alarming incident will continue to raise …read more

Ing. Robert Pěnička, PhD. awarded the prestigious GA ČR JUNIOR STAR grant

Ing. Robert Pěnička, PhD. získal prestižní grant JUNIOR STAR od GA ČR
Congratulations to the MRS Group member Ing. Robert Pěnička, PhD. for earning a prestigious grant project: JUNIOR STAR from GA ČR! The Czech Science Foundation (GA ČR)  announced the results of the JUNIOR STAR project, which is intended for excellent scientists in their early careers. Only a fragment of submitted works receive funding and our …read more

The EAGLE.ONE drone catches an intruder drone in the Rapotice prison

Demonstrace odchytu narušitelského dronu dronem EAGLE.ONE ve věznici v Rapoticích
The drone Eagle.One caught an intruder drone in the Rapotice prison. The drone-hunter is designed to protect critical infrastructure, such as prisons, power plants or airports. The Eagle.One drone is equipped with AI on-board and is capable of launching a net in which it catches the intruder drone which might smuggle forbidden items into the …read more
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