Tomáš Dlask is a winner of Antonín Svoboda Award for the Best Ph.D. Thesis

Congratulations to Tomáš Dlask for his achievement! He was announced as a winner of the Antonín Svoboda Award for the Best Ph.D. for Thesis defended in 2022. The Czech Society for Cybernetics and Informatics selects the best Ph.D. Thesis every year. The topic of PhD thesis falls within the scope of ČSKI’s scientific activities (cybernetics, informatics, and related fields). Any Thesis defended in a particular year at a faculty located in the Czech Republic can be submitted.

The thesis title is Block-Coordinate Descent and Local Consistencies in Linear Programming, the supervisor was doc. Tomáš Werner. The work is focused on optimizing linear programs by BCD or constraint propagation and theoretically relating these approaches.

Responsible person: Petra Rosická