A guarantor is required in cases when the supervisor of a student project is a PhD student or an external cooperator.

  • If a PhD student supervises a project, his/her supervisor becomes the guarantor.
  • If an external cooperator supervises a project, usually the guarantor of the respective study branch becomes also the guarantor of the project.
  • Colleagues from CIIRC or other CTU faculties/institues who are acquainted with the departmental theses standards/practices may supervise the bachelor/diploma theses and projects directly (without a guarantor). Moreover, they could also serve as guarantors if appropriate. In a border case, a departmental representative decides (usually the deputy head for teaching).

The project guarantor should be ready to help with the leadership of the project and consults the evaluation procedure. In case of an external cooperator, the guarantor also inputs the evaluation into the KOS information system (assessment, or classified assessment). When a PhD student supervises more than one student project, we suggest to concurrently supervise at most 2 projects (for PhD students before the state exams), or 3 projects (for PhD students after state exams).

  • Supervisors from CIIRC and other CTU parts discussed at the department council on January 11, 2016
  • Discussed at the department council on October 31, 2013.

Responsible person: Jana Zichová