Proposed Opponent

An opponent shall be an independent expert on the project topic. A master thesis opponent should not come from the same department as the thesis supervisor. A bachelor thesis opponent should not be a member of the same research group as the thesis supervisor. If he/she is in the same research group, then

  • the opponent must not be a member of the same project team inside the department, and
  • the opponent must not be in a supervisor-student (or similar) relationship with the thesis supervisor.

In exceptional cases, when the above conditions cannot be fulfilled, the opponent choice must be properly justified in the proposal.

The thesis supervisor and the opponent should not both be Ph.D. students in their active study phase, i.e., before the state exam and PhD Proposal defense. Such a proposed opponent will not be approved, unless there is a well-justifiable reason.

The independence of an opponent is judged by the department head based on the suggestion of the study branch guarantor. If the principle of independence is not fulfilled, the opponent will be chosen by the head of the department.

See also the general rules for the final state exams (in Czech), where the choice of the opponent is discussed as well.

  • Last revised on May 10, 2023.
  • The part preventing both the supervisor and opponent to be junior PhD students was approved by the department council on February 20, 2023.
Responsible person: Jana Zichová