Diploma and bachelor theses


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TypeAuthor and work titleSupervisorYearprogdisc
BP Sekereš Pavol: Learning of Temporal Sequences of Behaviour for Artificial Creatures Nahodil Pavel 2013 OI Informatika a počítačové vědy (bakalářský)
BP Paňko Martin: Modelling of Dynamical Systems for Generating of Behaviour of Artificial Creature Nahodil Pavel 2013 OI Informatika a počítačové vědy (bakalářský)
BP Skála Lukáš: Hybrid Decision-Making System of Artificial Creature Combining Planner and Neural Network Nahodil Pavel 2013 STM Inteligentní systémy (bakalářský)
DP Vítků Jaroslav: An Artificial Creature Capable of Learning from Experiences in Order to Fulfill More Complex Tasks Nahodil Pavel 2011 OI Umělá inteligence
DP Otáhal Marek: Architecture of Autonomous Agent Based on Cortical Learning Algorithms (PDF)Nahodil Pavel 2014 OI Umělá inteligence
BP Fencl Pavel: Visualisation and Analysis of Artificial Neural Network Behaviour Nahodil Pavel 2012 KYR Robotika (bakalářský)
Kohout Karel: Multi-Level Structure of Anticipatory Behaviour in Alife (PDF)Nahodil Pavel 2012 Umělá inteligence a biokybernetika
Responsible person: Petr Pošík