Amazon Research Awards: Our researchers succeeded in the global competition

Artificial intelligence (AI) research got into the most prestigious society of 59 universities in 13 countries. Among the 101 scientists awarded the Amazon Research Award 2020 (ARA) by Amazon are prof. Jiří Matas from the Department of Cybernetics and prof. Jan Faigl from the Department of Computers. Professor Jiří Matas succeeded with the project Training of Neural Networks on Undifferentiated Losses.

“In some computer vision tasks, loss functions are naturally indistinguishable, such as in-text recognition, where the quality of an algorithm often measures several misrecognized characters or words. Non-differentiable loss functions also occur, for example, in the task of searching for images, where quality is measured by the order of the required images in a list created in response to a query, “explains prof. Matas.

Our experts are among the representatives of the university, such as MIT, Stanford, Princeton, or Yale, which will support the ARA program next year. Together with ETH Zurich, CTU is always an independent European university, which has twice the representation of the selected 101 holders. Award-winning projects in the field of artificial intelligence, automation, or robotics are a challenging choice that takes into account the quality of scientific content, creative approach, and possible positive impact on society as a whole.

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Responsible person: Petra Rosická