Adaptive traversability

Adaptive traversability
Adaptive traversability we understand by means of autonomous motion control adapting the robot morphology—configuration of articulated parts and their compliance—to traverse unknown complex terrain with obstacles in an optimal way. The robot measures its state (like: orientation angles, flipper mode, …) and the terrain (digital elevation model). We learn the optimal policy from loosely annotated …read more

Multi-robot Systems

Multi-robot Systems
The research group of Multi-Robot Systems studies issues related to motion planning, control and coordination of teams of ground, aerial and modular robots. See the MRS research group demo page for details!

Vladana Djordjevic defended her Ph.D. thesis

Vladana Djordjevic successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis entitled Automated Nonlinear Analysis of Newborn Electroencephalographic Signals (supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Lenka Lhotska). Congratulations!

Michal Jančošek defended his Ph.D. thesis

Michal Jančošek successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis entitled Large Scale Surface Reconstruction based on Point Visibility (supervisor: doc. Tomáš Pajdla). Congratulations!

Jaroslav Vítků defended his Ph.D. thesis

Jaroslav Vítků successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis entitled Towards Automated Design of Complex Modular Systems Inspired by Nature (supervisor: doc. Pavel Nahodil). Congratulations!

Center for Robotics and Autonomous Systems established

In April 2015, the Center for Robotics and Autonomous Systems (CRAS) was established by departments of Computer Science and Cybernetics. The unit fosters inter-departmental collaboration on research and education in the area of computational, collective, autonomous robotics and related fields. Good luck, CRAS!

Dr. Tomáš Pajdla in Czech Radio

Our colleague, dr. Tomáš Pajdla (Geometry of Vision and Robotics Group), was invited to the Studio Leonardo of the Czech Radio. He discussed (in Czech language) the topic „How difficult it is to program a robot“. Many thanks for the representation of our department!

Vladimír Smutný defended his Ph.D. thesis

Vladimír Smutný successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled Light Propagation in Transport Polyhedra (supervisor: dr. Tomas Pajdla). Congratulations!

Matěj Holec defended his Ph.D. thesis

Matej Holec successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled Set-level Gene Expression Data Analysis with Machine Learning (supervisor: doc. Filip Zelezny). Congratulations!

Branislav Bošanský defended his Ph.D. thesis

Branislav Bošanský successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis entitled Iterative Algorithms for Solving Finite Sequential Zero-Sum Games (supervisor: Assoc. prof. Lenka Lhotská). Congratulations!
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