Interview with professor Matas about AI in podcast

The interview was recorded only in Czech.

Professor Jiří Matas talks about the development of AI in the podcast. “Any artificial intelligence that generates something has to know that it generated it, and it has to be able to answer to me: yes, I generated it,” she says of the AI ​​phenomenon. Artificial intelligence – is an advanced technology that has been gradually entering our lives for several decades. Recently, however, it has been talked about significantly more often, in connection with the launch of chatbots ChatGPT, which is behind the company OpenAI with the support of Microsoft, or Bard, which was launched by Google. Professor Jiří Matas says that similar chatbots do not particularly excite him. “A robot that could replace a tire would impress me,” he says in the podcast.

In the interview, he also describes what is happening in the department besides teaching. “I work on computer vision and now mostly on video processing. One can imagine estimating the speed of the ball or perhaps processing a blurred image. We work a lot on mobile and rescue robotics, which is quite a difficult thing,” he describes. The debate also turned to concerns about the rapid onset of AI and the need for regulation of this technology. The Chinese regime’s use of AI to track people and their activities was also discussed.

Responsible person: Petra Rosická