Our robots wish everyone a Merry Christmas

An empty lecture hall bathed in blue evening light. Silence reigns, only on the blackboard we see a complex pattern over which is written “Merry Christmas”. Then a Scarab wrapped in Christmas lights walks across one of the tables, soon a robot emerges from behind the door, shrouded in darkness, and the slow strains of a Christmas carol…

Robotic Christmas video was also selected for IEEE Spectrum’s international newsletter appeared on Czech Television News (at 2:27) or on TV Nova

Directed by Oliver Beaujard and Nina Zardalishvili
Screenplay: Oliver Beaujard and Nina Zardalishvili
Director of Photography: Daniel Hotový
Music: Christmas Carols
Walking robots SPOT, Scarab, Daisy
Crawler robot Charlie
Wheeled robot Husky
Balancing robot SK80
Humanoid robots iCub, Pepper, Nao and Ludwig assembled from LEGO
Drone X500, a quadcopter for indoor flights
A keyboard-playing LEGO robot
and Researchers from the Department of Cybernetics, the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Control Engineering of the CTU Faculty of Engineering

Produced by Baohaus & Oliver McGillick

Responsible person: Petra Rosická