Matěj Hoffmann´s comments on the new model of Humanoid robot by Figure AI

Komentář Matěje Hoffmanna k nově představenému humanoidnímu robotovi
The content of the news is only available in Czech at Seznam zprávy at this link

Succes in the Czech Science Foundation GAČR competition for three projects from our department

V grantové soutěži GAČR uspěli letos tři projekty z naší katedry
The Czech Science Foundation (GACR), the largest Czech grant funding provider for basic research, will fund 357 scientific projects being launched next year in the Standard Projects and POSTDOC INDIVIDUAL FELLOWSHIP grant schemes. These projects will receive CZK 2,75 billion over the next 3 years. The projects receiving funding cover a wide range of basic …read more

Valentin Marcel became two times world champion in Chessboxing

Valentin Marcel obhájil titul mistra světa v šachboxu
Congratulations to Valentin Marcel from the Humanoid group, who won his second consecutive world title in Chessboxing. After a very tied confrontation at the World Championship in Italy, Valentin won and defended his title of middleweight category champion (WCBO league). Chessboxing is a sport combining boxing rounds with a game of rapid chess, in alternate, …read more

Petr Švarný defended his Ph.D. Theses

Petr Švarný successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis Perirobot space representations for safe human-robot interaction Supervisor: doc. Mgr. Matěj Hoffmann, Ph.D. Congratulations!

Christmas Video Success 2021

Christmas Video Success 2021
The Christmas video “Happy Holidays from the Robot Nativity” was very popular in the last days of this year. – on YouTube – almost 17 500 views, 735 likes, 28 comments – on Facebook – more than 16,200 views, reach among 46,000 people, 1,100 positive reactions only (thumbs up, hearts, etc.), 192 shares, 65 comments …read more

Our robots wish everyone a Merry Christmas

An empty lecture hall bathed in blue evening light. Silence reigns, only on the blackboard we see a complex pattern over which is written “Merry Christmas”. Then a Scarab wrapped in Christmas lights walks across one of the tables, soon a robot emerges from behind the door, shrouded in darkness, and the slow strains of …read more

The line-up of humanoid robots has been expanded by iCub

Sestavu humanoidních robotů rozšířil iCub
“This is the first robot that has the sense of touch on the whole body,” says Dr. Matěj Hoffmann, Head of the Humanoid robotics group. The iCub importantly extends the existing portfolio of humanoid robots available to the group (two Nao and one Pepper robot), as it is most anthropomorphic – most similar to humans. …read more

Matej Hoffmann and Filipe Gama on IEEE Spectrum

Matej Hoffmann and Filipe Gama on IEEE Spectrum
Matej Hoffmann and Filipe Gama presents their research Goal-directed tactile exploration for body model learning through self-touch on a humanoid robot on IEEE Spectrum Watch the video on Youtube

(Česky) Humanoidi s umělou kůží na Týdnu mozku

(Česky) Humanoidi s umělou kůží na Týdnu mozku

Call for Humanoids group PostDoc position

The group of Humanoid and Cognitive Robotics coordinated by Dr Matej Hoffmann opens a PostDoc position in the humanoid, cognitive, neuro-, and collaborative robotics research. The topics are in the context of the newly starting 5-year project entitled “Whole-body awareness for safe and natural interaction: from brains to collaborative robots” for excellence in fundamental research …read more
Responsible person: Petra Rosická