Ing. Kubelka presented a rescue mobile robot Charlie in Czech TV

Ing. Vladimir Kubelka, a PhD. student of Artificial inteligence and biocybernetics, presented a rescue mobile robot Charlie, which is involved in project TRADR, and invited the viewers to the “Night of scientists“(in czech only) in Studio 6, a Czech TV morning show. Many thanks for the representation of our faculty!

The victory of our MRS group in Czech TV

In an earlier post we reported about the victory of our MRS team in the prestigous MBZIRC robotic competition. Czech TV informed about the success of our team (in Czech) on their web page, and in their morning show Studio 6 (in Czech). Martin Saska, the team leader, gave a telephonic interview.

The team of Martin Saska has been qualified to the finals of the MBZIRC competition in Abu Dhabi

The team of Martin Saska has been qualified to the finals of the MBZIRC competition taking place in the attractive location of the F1 site in Abu Dhabi. See more. Congratulations and keep fingers crossed for them!

CMP Structure-from-Motion Web Service

Webová služba CMP
The team composed of Tomáš Pajdla, Michal Havlena, Akihiko Torii, Michal Jančošek, Zuzana Kúkelová and Jan Heller published a CMP SfM Web Service which provides a remote access to the 3D reconstruction systems developed in Center for Machine Perception. See the gallery for examples.

Air Traffic Control

Řízení letového provozu
Air Traffic Control scenario provides an open multi-agent test bed that is used for air traffic simulation. ATC is build on the A-globe platform using Aglobex simulation framework. The project aim is to deploy the multi-agent technology for agent based aircraft deconfliction (collision avoidance) among several autonomous aerial vehicles (manned as well as unmanned).
Responsible person: Petr Pošík