Robot dogs and drones as part of a security camera system?

The Axis Demoshow meeting for about a hundred security managers and experts from major Czech companies and institutions took place on 21 September 2023 in the premises of the Všetice Farm near Benešov u Prahy. The programme included demonstrations of experimental systems assembled by teams led by Professor Tomáš Svoboda and Associate Professor Martin Saska from the Department of Cybernetics at FEE CTU. Fly4Future and a robot dog Spot from Boston Dynamics.

At this event for security experts, Axis Communications and two teams from the Department of Cybernetics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of CTU presented the integration of autonomous drones Fly4Future and robot dog Spot from Boston Dynamics into an IP camera system. The unique combination of an established security solution and experimental robotic platforms shows the possible direction of development – will we protect objects in the near future with the help of autonomous patrolling drones or packs of robotic dogs?

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Responsible person: Petra Rosická