The line-up of humanoid robots has been expanded by iCub

“This is the first robot that has the sense of touch on the whole body,” says Dr. Matěj Hoffmann, Head of the Humanoid robotics group. The iCub importantly extends the existing portfolio of humanoid robots available to the group (two Nao and one Pepper robot), as it is most anthropomorphic – most similar to humans. Body proportions modeled after a 4-year old child and 4000 tactile receptors on the surface of its body make it a unique platform to model the processes by which babies learn about their own bodies and their environment leveraging the sense of touch. With similar motor capabilities and the key sensory modalities (vision, proprioception, and touch), the robot can learn to experience its environment in a similar way to children, providing the right constraints to develop similar kind of cognition or orientation in space. The robot’s learning process is similar to that of a child during the first year of life: it uses touch to create a map of the surface of its body. An artificial neural network is used for learning the “map of the skin”, resembling the famous “sensory homunculus” discovered by Wilder Penfield.

You can learn more in the press release from FEE CTU

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