Succes in the Czech Science Foundation GAČR competition for three projects from our department

The Czech Science Foundation (GACR), the largest Czech grant funding provider for basic research, will fund 357 scientific projects being launched next year in the Standard Projects and POSTDOC INDIVIDUAL FELLOWSHIP grant schemes. These projects will receive CZK 2,75 billion over the next 3 years. The projects receiving funding cover a wide range of basic research topics.

We are happy to announce that two projects proposed and submitted by our department members are on the list of Standard projects funded from 2024.  Doc. Karel Zimmermann´s project End-to-end differentiable physics-aware architectures for self-supervised learning in robotics and dr. Oleksandr Shekhovtsov´s project Learning Quantized Neural Networks, Discrete Choices and Representations.

In the category of  POSTDOC INDIVIDUAL FELLOWSHIP INCOMING the project of researcher Giulia D’Angelo from Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia – Event-driven active vision for object perception was also selected for funding.

Congratulations to all our colleagues and good luck and success in solving your projects!

A full list of all supported projects of the GAČR grant competition is available here

Responsible person: Petra Rosická