Branislav Bošanský defended his Ph.D. thesis

Branislav Bošanský successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis entitled Iterative Algorithms for Solving Finite Sequential Zero-Sum Games (supervisor: Assoc. prof. Lenka Lhotská). Congratulations!

Viliam Lisý defended his Ph.D. thesis

Viliam Lisý successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis entitled Monte Carlo Tree Search in Imperfect-Information Games (supervisor: Prof. Michal Pěchouček). Congratulations!

Petr Kalina defended his Ph.D. thesis

Petr Kalina successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis entitled Agent-based Algorithms for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows (supervisor: Prof. Vladimír Mařík). Congratulations!

Project TAROS awarded at the Future Forces 2014 exhibition

Project TAROS was awarded with The most interesting technical exhibit and Gold Future Forces 2014 prizes of the international Future Forces 2014 exhibition. Our Intelligent and mobile robotics group cooperates on the project!

Future Forces 2014

From October 16 to October 17, 2014, an important international exhibition and conference Future Forces 2014 is held in Prague. The main topic of the event is advanced technologies in defense and security. Our Intelligent mobile robotics group headed by Dr. Libor Přeučil will actively take part in the event. For the participants from CTU, …read more

Daniel Novák in Czech Radio

Daniel Novák appeared in the show Kontakt dvojky (in Czech) of Czech radio. He introduced his research in the field of assistive technologies. Many thanks for the representation of our department!

Tomáš Sieger defended his Ph.D. thesis

Tomáš Sieger successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis entitled Processing and Statistical Analysis of Single-Neuron Recordings (supervisor: prof. Olga Stepankova). Congratulations!

Petr Buryan defended his Ph.D. thesis

Petr Buryan successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled Refinement Action-Based Framework For Utilization of Softcomputing in Inductive Learning (supervisor: doc. Filip Železný). Congratulations!

David Steiner defended his Ph.D. thesis

David Steiner successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis entitled Probabilistic Matching in Search for Unrelated Hematopoietic Stem Cell Donors (supervisor: doc. Lenka Lhotska). Congratulations!

Jakub Kužílek defended his Ph.D. thesis

Jakub Kužílek successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis entitled Independent Component Analysis: Applications in ECG signal processing (supervisor: doc. Lenka Lhotská). Congratulations!
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