Report from the press briefing for the Dronument Workshop

Report from the press briefing for the Dronument Workshop
On August 12th, 2021 took place a DRONUMENT WORKSHOP, on inspection by fleets of autonomous drones. The Workshop was primarily dedicated to DRONUMENT – a system for the documentation and inspection of historical monuments using a team of unmanned aerial vehicles In cooperation with the Czech National Heritage Institute (NPÚ), we have designed a …read more

Robotic drones help map historical objects

Robotic drones help map historical objects
Over the past four years, unmanned helicopters with on-board intelligence, or robotic drones, have explored the interiors of monuments such as the coronation hall of the castle in Kroměříž, the churches of St. Moritz in Olomouc, St. Nicholas in Prague and the grotto in Gorzanów, Poland. The group Multirobotic Systems led by doc. Martin Saska …read more

Newspaper Law – supplement Weekend: Robots of Czech scientists compete for millions

 Právo - příloha Víkend: Roboti českých vědců se utkají o miliony

The best robots SPOT and DAISY trained rescue work in Bull Rock. In September they want to conquer America

 Nejlepší roboti SPOT a DAISY trénovali záchranářské práce v Býčí skále. V září chtějí dobýt Ameriku
Read the article and listen to the report with interviews with members of the CTU-CRAS-NORLAB teams from 29 June 2021 on ČRo Plus ( Czech Radio Plus also broadcast live from the Bull Rock Cave on June 25 – beginning at 15:51:32, link Watch the video on TV Adamov

Drones contrary to bats. How robots trained in the Bull Rock Cave

Drony místo netopýrů. Jak roboti trénovali v jeskyni Býčí skála
From 21 to 25 June 2021, the cave complex Býčí skála in the Moravian Karst hosted the preparation of our robotics team for the final round of the DARPA Subterranean Challenge, which will take place from 21 to 24 September 2021 in the United States of America. The purpose of the competition, which is a …read more

Instead of a UFO, a great horn. A graduate of our department at ETH Zurich develops a method to reconstruct blurred objects

Místo UFO raroh velký. Absolvent naší katedry v ETH Curych vyvíjí metodu na rekonstrukci rozmazaných objektů
Drone footage from 2016 captured an unknown, fast-flying object in the US state of Utah, and many people have since lived under the assumption that it was a UFO. Five years on, on June 4 this year, it was proved that it was in fact a Great Horned Falcon. A detailed analysis of the available …read more

Robots will train in the cave

V jeskyni budou trénovat roboty
Next week, a four-legged robot SPOT will step into the Bull Rock in the Moravian Karst for the first time, together with other robotic systems and drones from the team of roboticists from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEL) of CTU. In the cave complex, which serves as one of the largest wintering grounds for …read more

Robot SPOT, doc. Zimmermann and Ing. Rouček appeared on Czech Television News

Robot SPOT, doc. Zimmermann a Ing. Rouček se objevili ve Zprávičkách České televize
Children were intrigued by an Instagram post about SPOT the robot, so Czech Television filmed a report for Zprávičky 😀 Watch from 0:53

Reporter magazine invited prof. Matas to the Guest Reporter podcast

Guest of reporter Robert Čásenský: Jiri Matas Listen to podcast

CT 24 set out to walk the four-legged robot SPOT

 ČT 24 vyrazila vyvenčit čtyřnohého robota SPOTa
He overcomes obstacles in difficult terrain, climbs stairs, can wade through mud and water. The four-legged robot SPOT is now available to cyberneticists from the CTU. They plan to improve the American-made device and use it in the finals of a prestigious robotics competition. The Czech team was able to afford the robot thanks to …read more
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