Dmytro Mishkin received the Dean’s Award for prestigious dissertation

Dmytro Mishkin received the Dean’s Award for prestigious dissertation
The Dean’s Awards for prestigious dissertations were awarded on November 9th at the Scientific council meeting. Researcher Mgr. Dmytro Mishkin, Ph.D. received the award for his work Learning and Crafting for the Wide Multiple Baseline Stereo under the supervision of prof. Ing. Jiří Matas, Ph.D. Congratulations!

The interactive installation Forum Robotum at the Signal Festival

The interactive installation Forum Robotum at the Signal Festival
On October 13–16, Prague’s tenth Signal Festival took place in several locations. For the first time, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague also participated with the Forum Robotum installation. During the four visiting days, it attracted an incredible 24,000 people of all ages, which makes the event one of …read more

Robodog SPOT stars in a movie

Robodog SPOT stars in a movie
Robodog SPOT dressed up in a fur costume stars in the movie Ordinary failures. Bedřich Himmel was responsible for the preparation and the programming of SPOT during the filming. There is a short video in Czech about the challenges of filming.

Václav Burda defended his Ph.D. thesis

Václav Burda successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis Telemetry Systems for Diabetes Mellitus. Supervisor:  doc. Ing. Daniel Novák, Ph.D. Congratulations!

Doctoral student Jakub Rozlivek successfully completed the Minor program

Doktorand Jakub Rozlivek převzal certifikát meziuniverzitního programu Minor
Jakub Rozlivek is a successful graduate of the Minor inter-university program. He received his certificate at the ceremony that took place on September 20th at Prague’s Old Town Hall and was attended by vice-chancellors and deans of participating universities and faculties, representatives of, and the Mayor of Prague, Zdeněk Hřib. The unique inter-university …read more

Visit by representatives of the European Comission for digital technologies

Návštěva zástupců Evropské komise pro digitální technologie
The Faculty of Electrical Engineering hosted representatives for digital technologies from the Permanent Representations of the Member States to the European Union in Brussels on July 14th. Researchers from the Departments of Cybernetics and Computers presented cutting-edge robotic technologies at four workplaces on Charles Square to diplomats from 28 Member States during the event, which …read more

The EAGLE.ONE drone catches an intruder drone in the Rapotice prison

Demonstrace odchytu narušitelského dronu dronem EAGLE.ONE ve věznici v Rapoticích
The drone Eagle.One caught an intruder drone in the Rapotice prison. The drone-hunter is designed to protect critical infrastructure, such as prisons, power plants or airports. The Eagle.One drone is equipped with AI on-board and is capable of launching a net in which it catches the intruder drone which might smuggle forbidden items into the …read more

Prof. Jiří Matas elected a new member of the Learned Society of CZ

Prof. Jiří Matas zvolen řádným členem Učené společnosti ČR
At its 28th General Assembly on 17 May 2022, the Learned Society of the Czech Republic elected Professor Jiří Matas as a full member. “The Learned Society of the Czech Republic is fully aware of the fundamental importance of the rapidly developing field of artificial intelligence and machine learning for society, and thus appreciates that …read more

Nearly 200 students joined the 2022 MRS Summer School held at the Department of Cybernetics, FEE CTU

Dvě stě studentů z celého světa se na Fakultě elektrotechnické ČVUT učí létat s drony
The Multi-Robot Systems Group hosted on August 1-5, 2022, the 2022 IEEE RAS Summer School on multi-robot systems. Nearly 200 attendees from six continents and well-known lecturers from recognized robotics laboratories worldwide participated to the event. On Friday, the event concluded with hands-on experiments with autonomous drones on the Císařský Island in Prague. News in …read more

Four-legged robot SPOT on a mission to explore the Prague underground

Robopes SPOT mapoval pražské podzemí
The latest addition to the robot team is the four-legged autonomous SPOT robot from Boston Dynamics with a robotic arm. The RBG camera and a depth sensor are integrated into the gripper, which enables the robot to gather more information and expand utilization. 3D mapping and data gathering in the Prague underground and cooperation with …read more
Responsible person: Petra Rosická