Best paper for Jiří Matas and Lukáš Neumann

Paper Efficient Scene Text Localization and Recognition with Local Character Refinement by Jiří Matas and Lukáš Neumann received Best Paper prize at ICDAR 2015. Congratulations!

Zuzana Kúkelová Receives the 2015 Cor Baayen Award

Former member of our departmant, Zuzana Kúkelová, recieved The Cor Baayen Award of ERCIM which is given each year to a promising young researcher in computer science and applied mathematics. Zuzana received this award mostly for her work done at our department under the supervision of Dr. Tomáš Pajdla. Zuzana currently works as a postdoctoral …read more

Project TAROS awarded at the Future Forces 2014 exhibition

Project TAROS was awarded with The most interesting technical exhibit and Gold Future Forces 2014 prizes of the international Future Forces 2014 exhibition. Our Intelligent and mobile robotics group cooperates on the project!

Best paper honorable mention prize for Zuzana Kúkelová, Martin Bujňák, Jan Heller and Tomáš Pajdla

Paper Singly-Bordered Block-Diagonal Form for Minimal Problem Solvers by Zuzana Kukelova (Microsoft Research Cambridge), Martin Bujnak (Capturing Reality), Jan Heller and Tomas Pajdla received Best Paper Honorable Mention prize at ACCV 2014. Congratulations!

Best presentation award for James Pritts

Best presentation award for James Pritts
James Pritts, Ondřej Chum and Jiří Matas won the Best presentation award for their paper On the geometry of co-planar repeated patterns at the 2014 Computer Vision Workshop, Křtiny, Czech Republic. Congratulations!

Best paper award for James Pritts

Best paper award for James Pritts
James Pritts won the Best Paper Award for the paper Approximate models for fast and accurate epipolar geometry estimation at the 2013 Conference on Image and Vision Computing, New Zealand. Congratulations!!!
Responsible person: Petra Rosická