Instead of a UFO, a great horn. A graduate of our department at ETH Zurich develops a method to reconstruct blurred objects

Místo UFO raroh velký. Absolvent naší katedry v ETH Curych vyvíjí metodu na rekonstrukci rozmazaných objektů
Drone footage from 2016 captured an unknown, fast-flying object in the US state of Utah, and many people have since lived under the assumption that it was a UFO. Five years on, on June 4 this year, it was proved that it was in fact a Great Horned Falcon. A detailed analysis of the available …read more

Teams of our employees and students best in this year’s Bike to Work Challenge

Teams of our employees and students best in this year's Bike to Work Challenge
Employees and students of our department participated under the company profile “CTU in Prague” in this year’s national challenge, which took place from 1 to 31 May and motivated to travel by bike, scooter, on foot or at a trot. Teams of two to five employees and students recorded the kilometres they cycled, ran or …read more

Robots will train in the cave

V jeskyni budou trénovat roboty
Next week, a four-legged robot SPOT will step into the Bull Rock in the Moravian Karst for the first time, together with other robotic systems and drones from the team of roboticists from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEL) of CTU. In the cave complex, which serves as one of the largest wintering grounds for …read more

Robot SPOT, doc. Zimmermann and Ing. Rouček appeared on Czech Television News

Robot SPOT, doc. Zimmermann a Ing. Rouček se objevili ve Zprávičkách České televize
Children were intrigued by an Instagram post about SPOT the robot, so Czech Television filmed a report for Zprávičky 😀 Watch from 0:53

Reporter magazine invited prof. Matas to the Guest Reporter podcast

Guest of reporter Robert Čásenský: Jiri Matas Listen to podcast

CT 24 set out to walk the four-legged robot SPOT

 ČT 24 vyrazila vyvenčit čtyřnohého robota SPOTa
He overcomes obstacles in difficult terrain, climbs stairs, can wade through mud and water. The four-legged robot SPOT is now available to cyberneticists from the CTU. They plan to improve the American-made device and use it in the finals of a prestigious robotics competition. The Czech team was able to afford the robot thanks to …read more

SPOT on Czech TV

SPOT v České televizi
In today’s Studio 6 on CT 1, representatives of the DARPA team Prof. Tomáš Svoboda and Ing. Tomáš Rouček. You can watch the report here, starts at 1:26:30

Capek would be surprised – A robot from CTU will take part in a competition for millions of dollars

Forbes magazine published comprehensively and with great interest about our SPOT robot and participation in the DARPA Subterranean Challenge with this headline. The whole journalist article you can read here Photo Petr Neugebauer, FEE CTU

Prof. Jiri Matas is the best rated computer scientist from the Czech Republic, CTU the best university

Prof. Jiri Matas is the best rated computer scientist from the Czech Republic, CTU the best university
The international Guide2Research evaluates successful computer science on the basis of their H-index, citations, and the number of documents in the DBLP database collected by May 10, 2021. The “Top Computer Scientists Ranking” includes all top computer scientists from the Czech Republic. The best rated is prof. Jiří Matas, Head of the Visual Recognition Group …read more

The four-legged SPOT will fortify the DARPA team

 Čtyřnohý SPOT posílí DARPA team
Approximately twenty-member team of robotics CTU-CRAS-NORLAB (Czech Technical University – Center for Robotics and Autonomous Systems – Northern Robotics Laboratory) will set off in the fall to the underground complex MegaCavern in Kentucky, USA to defend third place in the finals of the prestigious DARPA Subterranean (SubT) Challenge, which will take place from 21 to …read more
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