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Vision for Robotics and Autonomous Systems (VRAS)

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We are interested in machine learning for robot perception. We research algorithms that map RGB, depth, Lidar, and thermal data onto robot behavior. We work with outdoor tracked robots, humanoid robots and also collaborate with automotive – autonomous cars.

We are always looking for strongly motivated Ph.D. students as well as undergraduate students. If you are interested in what we are doing and want to join us, send us your resume to Tomas Svoboda. Currently, we also do have an opening for a pos-doc position.

The group is also a part of Center for Machine Perception, CMP, and involved in Center for robotics and autonomous systems, CRAS.

Group related news, demos.

VRAS YouTube channel


Group members:

NameTeamRank Phone Office email position
Ing. Azayev Teymur VRAS Researcher and Internal PhD +420 22435 5757 E227 09
Ing. Cvrček Vojtěch VRAS Internal PhD student +420 22435 5749 G103 14
Dočekal Jan VRAS External 20
Gama Filipe VRAS Researcher and Internal PhD +420 22435 7609 E209 09
Mgr. Hoffmann Matěj Ph.D. VRAS Assistant professor +420 22435 7387 E211 07
Ing. Jašek Otakar VRAS Researcher and Internal PhD +420 22435 5757 E227 09
Lehmann Hagen Ph.D. VRAS Researcher +420 22435 7387 E211 08
Moravec Jaroslav VRAS External +420 728986205 20
Outrata Vojtěch VRAS External 20
Mgr. Pecka Martin VRAS Researcher and External PhD +420 22435 7269 E225B 10
Ing. Petříček Tomáš Ph.D. VRAS Researcher +420 22435 7391 E225B 08
Ing. Reinštein Michal Ph.D. VRAS Assistant professor +420 22435 7269 E225B 07
Rojík Adam VRAS External 20
Ing. Straka Zdeněk VRAS Researcher and Internal PhD +420 22435 7583 E209 09
Doc. Ing. Svoboda Tomáš Ph.D. VRAS Associate professor +420 22435 7448 E226 06
Ing. Šalanský Vojtěch VRAS Researcher and Internal PhD +420 22435 5700 E227 09
Doc. Ing. Šára Radim Dr. Tech. VRAS Associate professor +420 22435 7203 G103A 06
Ing. Mgr. Švarný Petr VRAS Researcher and Internal PhD +420 22435 7583 E209 09
Ing. Vacek Patrik VRAS Researcher and Internal PhD +420 22435 5700 E227 09
Doc. Ing. Zimmermann Karel Ph.D. VRAS Associate professor +420 22435 5733 E226 06

Success of CTU-CRAS’ robots in US in Main evening news, Czech TV

It doesn’t happen every day that you appear in the main evening broadcasting at Czech TV (Česká televize). It does for example when you win DARPA SubT Challenge among self-funded teams. Amazing success of ČVUT FEL team CTU-CRAS formed by our teams Multi-robot Systems (Martin Saska) and Vision for Robotics and Autonomous Systems (Tomáš Svoboda) and colleagues …read more

Karel Zimmermann received Dean’s Award for Teaching

Doc. Ing. Karel Zimmermann, Ph.D., received the Dean’s Award for teaching in the academic year 2018/19 for the course Robotics Vision. Teachers are awarded for teaching results based on the recommendation of the Dean’s Committee. The committee decision is based on the results of the students´ verbal survey, suggestions of the heads of departments, and …read more

CTU-CRAS from the Department of Cybernetics Won the Darpa Subterranean Challenge Tunnel Circuit Among Non-Sponsored Teams and Took the Overall 3rd Place

The DARPA Subterranean Challenge Tunnel Circuit took place in Pittsburgh, USA on 15-22 August. A team of CTU-CRAS scientists and students from the Department of Cybernetics and Computer Department of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague demonstrated a multirobotic system for searching the areas affected by the disaster. CTU-CRAS …read more

Tracked vehicle simulation model for Gazebo

The VRAS group has successfully helped the global open-source robotics community by implementing the first plausible simulation model of tracked vehicles. The model has just been made available to everyone as part of the Gazebo simulator Among others, it will help the CRAS-CTU team in the global DARPA SubT challenge where a team of robots …read more

Dean’s Award for the Dissertation thesis was given to Ing. Vladimir Kubelka, Ph.D.

Dean’s Award for the Dissertation thesis was given to

Ing. Vladimír Kubelka defended his Ph.D. thesis

Ing. Vladimír Kubelka successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis entitled Improving perception and locomotion capabilities of mobile robots in urban search and rescue missions (supervisor: doc. Ing. Tomáš Svoboda, Ph.D., supervisor specialist: Ing. Michal Reinštein, Ph.D.). Congratulations!

Interactive Perception-Action-Learning for Modelling Objects

We are partners in a new European research project (CHIST-ERA call) IPALM – Interactive Perception-Action-Learning for Modelling Objects coordinated by Imperial College London. Matej Hoffmann is the PI for our part. The objective of the project is to develop methods for the automatic digitization of objects and their physical properties by exploratory manipulations. The methods …read more

BODIS – workshop at IROS2018

Matěj Hoffmann is co-organizing a workshop at IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems IROS2018. BODIS: The utility of body, interaction and self learning in robotics.
iCub with associated hand-frame

Human-robot interaction at HRI 2018

Work in collaboration with IIT Genoa and Yale University on Compact real-time avoidance on a humanoid robot for human-robot interaction appeared at the HRI 2018 Conference held in Chicago. [pdf @ arxiv | youtube video]

The little android with a sense of touch

A typical feature of mammals lies in their ability to experience sensations, something that robots are beginning to imitate. With the help of artificial skins and algorithms, our researchers have managed to make a small humanoid robot aware of human contact and even notice if someone is invading his ‘living’ space. The little android with …read more

Ing. Tomáš Petříček defended his Ph.D. thesis

Ing. Tomáš Petříček successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis entitled Coupled Learning and Planning for Active 3D Mapping (supervisor: doc. Ing. Tomáš Svoboda, Ph.D.). Congratulations!

Kuka Innovation Award 2018

Matěj Hoffmann from the group Vision for Robotics Autonomous Systems (VRAS) was a member of the team who won the Kuka Innovation Award 2018, see the video.

The project RobotBodySchema has become a Partnering project of the Human Brain Project

The project RobotBodySchema (or “Robot self-calibration and safe physical human-robot interaction inspired by body representations in primate brains”), investigated by the team of Mgr. Matej Hoffmann, Ph.D., became a Partnering project of the Human Brain Project. Congratulations!

ICCV 2017 talk of Karel Zimmermann

Karel Zimmermann presents at ICCV 2017 paper K. Zimmermann, T. Petricek, V. Salansky, T. Svoboda. Learning for Active 3D Mapping.

Ing. Kubelka presented a rescue mobile robot Charlie in Czech TV

Ing. Vladimir Kubelka, a PhD. student of Artificial inteligence and biocybernetics, presented a rescue mobile robot Charlie, which is involved in project TRADR, and invited the viewers to the “Night of scientists“(in czech only) in Studio 6, a Czech TV morning show. Many thanks for the representation of our faculty!

ENNS Best Paper Award

Zdenek Straka and Matej Hoffmann were awarded ENNS Best Paper Award at 26th International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks (ICANN17) for their paper Learning a Peripersonal Space Representation as a Visual-Tactile Prediction Task.

Karel Zimmermann has successfully defended his habilitation thesis

Karel Zimmermann has successfully defended his habilitation thesis Safe Adaptive Traversability with Incomplete Data. Congratulation!

Tomáš Svoboda guest on CT24 on the topic: USA: Shared Autonomous Transport in 13 Years?

Assoc. Prof. Tomáš Svoboda (Vision for Robotics and Autonomous Systems) was a guest on CT24 speaking on the topic: USA: Shared Autonomous Transport in 13 Years? (the interview in Czech language only starts at about 0:15:56).

Humanoid robots learn to sense their body

A 4-page cover story about humanoid robotics in Respekt (a major Czech weekly journal), 16/2017. Matej Hoffmann and Zdenek Straka interviewed and photographed with robots. More robots mentioned in the electronic version of the story. The printed version also available at ihned.cz.

Rescue robot goes to Italy

A rescue ground robot is going to Italy after earthquake. Real deployment event featured in Czech TV main news. Department is collaborating with CIIRC within TRADR project.

New EU project, Enable-S3

Enable-S3 is a large ECSEL-JU project called European Initiative to Enable Validation for Highly Automated Safe and Secure Systems. Tomas Svoboda is the PI of the CTU part. We will closely collaborate with ValeoCZ working on boosting rare data into the learning and testing in automatic driving.

Tomáš Svoboda in DVTV about Autonomous Vehicles

Tomáš Svoboda discussed on DVTV with Martin Veselovský the future of transportation systems and autonomous vehicles (in Czech). Many thanks for successful representation of our department!

Learning for Active 3D Mapping

Paper of authors K. Zimmermann, T. Petricek, V. Salansky, and T. Svoboda was accepted as oral presentation at ICCV 2017! We propose an active 3D mapping method for depth sensors, which allow individual control of depth-measuring rays, such as the newly emerging solid-state lidars. The method simultaneously (i) learns to reconstruct a dense 3D occupancy …read more

Non-rigid object detection with local interleaved sequential alignment

The successively evaluated features used in a sliding window detection process to decide about object presence/absence also contain knowledge about object deformation. We exploit these detection features to estimate the object deformation. Estimated deformation is then immediately applied to not yet evaluated features to align them with the observed image data. In our approach, the …read more

Data fusion for localization and mapping

We design and evaluate a data fusion system for localization of a mobile skid-steer robot intended for USAR missions. We exploit a rich sensor suite including both proprioceptive (inertial measurement unit and tracks odometry) and exteroceptive sensors (omnidirectional camera and rotating laser rangefinder). To cope with the specificities of each sensing modality (such as significantly …read more

Adaptive traversability

Adaptive traversability we understand by means of autonomous motion control adapting the robot morphology—configuration of articulated parts and their compliance—to traverse unknown complex terrain with obstacles in an optimal way. The robot measures its state (like: orientation angles, flipper mode, …) and the terrain (digital elevation model). We learn the optimal policy from loosely annotated …read more
DP,BP,PMI,SOP,PRO Vidění pro autnomní řízení vozidel R. Šára 14.05.2019
DP,BP,PMI,PRO Haptic exploration and categorization of objects using robotic grippers M. Hoffmann 24.04.2019
DP,BP,PMI,SOP,PRO Kalibrace umělé kůže na humanoidním robotu Nao M. Hoffmann 24.04.2019
DP,BP,PMI,PRO Deep neural networks for object detection in Google StreetView M. Reinštein 13.09.2018
DP,BP,PMI,SOP,PRO Exploiting the artificial skin on a Nao humanoid robot in social Human-Robot Interaction H. Lehmann, M. Hoffmann 03.09.2018
DP,BP,PMI,PRO Automatická kalibrace pomocí “sebedotyku” a sebepozorování u dvojrukého průmyslového manipulátoru M. Hoffmann 18.05.2018
DP,BP,PMI,SOP,PRO Sebe-explorace a tvorba modelu těla u humanoidního robota s umělou kůží M. Hoffmann, K. Zimmermann 18.05.2018
DP,BP,PMI,PRO Super-resolution for satellite imagery using generative adversial networks M. Reinštein 14.05.2018
DP,BP,PMI,PRO Deep neural networks for image classification and segmentation M. Reinštein 19.02.2018
DP,BP,PMI,SOP,PRO,PTO 3D detekce objektů pro autonomní řízení K. Zimmermann 10.10.2017
DP,BP,PMI,PRO Action recognition in long videos K. Zimmermann 10.10.2017
DP,BP,PMI,SOP,PRO Autonomní řízení robotu na nestrukturovaném terénu K. Zimmermann 10.10.2017
DP,BP,PMI,SOP,PRO,PTO Deep learning for dense reconstruction from sparse depth measurements and RGB images K. Zimmermann 10.10.2017
PTO Humanoid robot autonomous body exploration M. Hoffmann, Z. Straka 10.02.2017
DP Interpretace Lidarových dat v automotive aplikacích J. Olšina,, T. Svoboda 22.07.2016
DP Path prediction for driving assistance systems based on machine learning. J. Mareš, K. Zimmermann 21.04.2016
DP Aktivní clona proti oslnění T. Svoboda 01.10.2015
PMI,PRO Vývoj fotografické aplikace klient-server pro chytrý telefon R. Sejkot, R. Šára 01.10.2015
DP,PMI,PRO Návrh a realizace stereoskopického zařízení pro podporu testování asistenčních systémů vozidel J. Zahradník, R. Šára 12.12.2014
DP Implementation of ADAS feature fusion in OpenCL and performance comparison on different platforms J. Šváb, T. Svoboda 31.10.2014
DP Implementation of RPC solution for running of arbitrary SW module on embedded HW J. Šváb, T. Svoboda 31.10.2014
DP,BP,PMI,SOP,PRO Multimodal recognition of objects and victims T. Svoboda 04.04.2013
DP,BP,PMI,SOP,PRO Visual odometry (SLAM) from omnidirectional camera T. Svoboda 29.03.2013
DP,BP,PMI,SOP,PRO pagemove plugin pro dokuwiki T. Svoboda, J. Kreps 18.05.2011
DP Crop invariant frames I. Váňová, R. Šára 10.11.2010
DP Detekce manuálně rozmazaných hran S. Saic, R. Šára 10.11.2010
DP Detekce nekonzistentnosti v CFA S. Saic, R. Šára 10.11.2010
DP Intelligent algorithms for image viewers M. Šorel, R. Šára 10.11.2010
DP Removing lens flare from digital photographs II M. Šorel, R. Šára 10.11.2010
DP Segmentace (bio)medicínských 3D dat M. Šorel, R. Šára 10.11.2010
DP Softwarová aplikace pro FRET analýzu F. Šroubek, R. Šára 10.11.2010
DP Zpracování obrazu pro bioinformatiku J. Schier, R. Šára 10.11.2010
DP Detecting Double MPEG S. Saic, R. Šára 03.11.2010
DP,BP,PMI,SOP,PRO PTZ virtuální kamera z všesměrového obrazu T. Svoboda 15.10.2010
DP,BP,PMI,SOP Chytré prohledávání videoobsahu - Smart Videobrowsing and Search T. Svoboda 12.12.2009
DP,BP,PMI,SOP Learnable predictors for detection and tracking in images and videos T. Svoboda 12.12.2009
BP,PMI,SOP,PRO Nelineární a neinteraktivní přístup ke snímkům ve videu T. Svoboda 12.12.2009
BP,SOP Porovnání algoritmů pro sledování pohybujících objektů T. Svoboda 01.11.2007
DP,BP,PMI Detekce a sledování hlavy v kognitivním multikamerovém systému T. Svoboda 31.10.2007
BP,PMI Programové rozhraní pro Matlab a digitální kamery v Linuxu T. Svoboda 31.10.2007
DP,BP,PMI Odhad parametrů obrazového strukturálního modelu T. Svoboda 17.08.2007
DP Kognitivní multikamerový systém pro telepresenci a virtuální realitu. T. Svoboda 03.01.2007
DP Generování 3D animovaných scén a jejich snímání několika kamerami současně T. Svoboda 06.05.2005
BP Jiří Štěpanovský: Learning Peripersonal Space Representations Using Spiking Neural Networks (PDF) Hoffmann Matěj 2019 KyR
BP Maksym Shcherban: Efficient Self-exploration and Learning of Forward and Inverse Models on a Humanoid Robot with Artificial Skin (PDF) Hoffmann Matěj 2019 KyR
BP Jiří Zacha: Convolutional Neural Networks for Object Classification from LiDAR Data (PDF) Vacek Patrik 2019 KyR
BP Šimon Pavlín: Data-Driven Model Estimating Changes of Image Properties According to Illumination (PDF) Jašek Otakar 2019 KyR
BP Josef Čech: Recognition of Road Traffic Participants in LiDAR Point Clouds (PDF) Šára Radim 2019 KyR
DP Hobza Martin: 3D Semantic Segmentation of RGBD Data with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks (PDF) Zimmermann Karel 2018 KyR R
DP Jašek Otakar: Simulating Depth Measuring Sensors for Autonomous Learning and Benchmarking (PDF) Zimmermann Karel 2018 OI CV
BP Hollmannová Dita: Simulating Realistic Local 3D Maps from Geometric Models (PDF) Svoboda Tomáš 2018 OI ICS
DP Sivák Filip: Deep Neural Networks for Classification of Product Images (PDF) Reinštein Michal 2018 OI CV
Vakula Jan: Keypoint Localization and Matching in Difficult Scenes for Visual Odometry (PDF) Svoboda Tomáš 2017 KyR R
BP Azayev Teymur: Object Detection in High Resolution Satellite Images (PDF) Reinštein Michal 2017 KyR R
Mareš Jakub: Safe Obstacle Traversal with Incomplete Data (PDF) Zimmermann Karel 2017 KyR R
Šalanský Vojtěch: Contact Terrain Exploration for Mobile Robot (PDF) Zimmermann Karel 2017 KyR R
BP Chmel Jakub: SW and HW Integration of an IP PTZ Camera onto a Mobile Outdoor Robot (PDF) Svoboda Tomáš 2017 KyR R
BP Bednárová Naďa: Representation of Proprioceptive Inputs of the iCub Humanoid Robot Using Self-Organizing Maps (PDF) Hoffmann Matěj 2017 OI ICS
BP Dvořák Filip: Active Contour Model with Landmarks for Image Object Boundary Detection (PDF) Šára Radim 2017 KyR R
DP Hobza Martin: 3D Semantic Segmentation of RGBD Data with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks (PDF) Zimmermann Karel 2017 KyR R
BP Zlámal Vít: Virtual Bumper for Tracked Ground Robot from Depth Data (PDF) Svoboda Tomáš 2017 OI ICS
DP Burian Martin: Haptic Terrain Exploration with Robotic Arm (PDF) Svoboda Tomáš 2017 OI CV
DP Těžký Jiří: Active Victim Detection with RGB-D-T Sensor (PDF) Zimmermann Karel 2016 KyR R
BP Jašek Otakar: Detecting Objects for Autonomous System Verification (PDF) Svoboda Tomáš 2016 OI ICS
Nouza Tomáš: Safe Adaptive Traversability Learning for Mobile Robots (PDF) Reinštein Michal 2014 KyR R
Potoček Pavel: Probabilistic Approach to Landmark Management in Visual Odometry (PDF) Svoboda Tomáš 2014 KyR R
Brabec Jan: Automated Camera Calibration from Laser Scanning Data in Natural Environments (PDF) Svoboda Tomáš 2014 OI ICS
Hrabalík Aleš: 3D Point Cloud Registration, Experimental Comparison and Fusing Range and Visual Data (PDF) Svoboda Tomáš 2014 OI ICS
Hašek Štěpán: Robust Detection of a Coded Pattern (PDF) Šára Radim 2012 OI CV
Zuzánek Petr: Detection of Nearly Linear Objects (PDF) Zimmermann Karel 2012 OI CV
Kváča Jan: High-resolution Object Detection (PDF) Zimmermann Karel 2012 OI CV
Jirák Luboš: Automatic Evaluation of Computer Vision Algorithms (PDF) Zimmermann Karel 2011 KyR R
Responsible person: Tomáš Svoboda